Clover Kids

Clover Kids is an introduction to the 4-H Program for children in grades K-3. Each time Clover Kids meet, youth will participate in hands-on activities, make crafts, enjoy snacks, play games, learn new things and have fun.

Clover Kids groups meet separately from traditional 4-H clubs and do not hold business meetings as part of their activities. This allows youth to explore their interests and build relationships in an age appropriate setting. Some of our traditional 4-H clubs do have Clover Kids groups associated with them, and these Clover Kids groups may meet at a similar time/location as the traditional clubs they are affiliated with.

We currently have seven active Clover Kids groups in Cass County (see our County Clubs for a list), and would love to add more! We are always looking for volunteers in Cass County to expand our number of Clover Kids programs.

If you would like more information about the Clover Kids program in Cass County, call the Cass County Extension office at 712-243-1132 or email


Visit the State Clover Kids Website