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Join farmers and gardeners across Cass County in growing food to share with others!

Sharing food builds community! Share fresh, local produce across Cass County this summer by planting an extra row (or 3!)  in your garden. Donations of all sizes and types are welcome and needed! Grow Another Row also welcomes volunteers to help harvest, package and transport produce. We encourage our volunteers and growers to "share what you can and take what you need" - we love to hear stories of growers swapping or sharing produce!

Information on How to Donate

Where can I drop off or pick up fresh produce?

We have sites available around Cass County for growers and eaters to connect throughout the growing season.  Donation sites for our 2024 season are now open!  Check out our flier below to find our 10 sites across Cass County that are open from May-October for produce sharing. 

Cass County Grow Another Row locations- 2024

We also encourage you to follow the Cass County Local Food Facebook page at for updates on produce availability at the stands and to stay up to date on food access activities across the county. We encourage you to email photos of your donations to so we can share them on our page and help the produce move faster! We're always looking for more partners and volunteers- contact us if you'd like to help!

Reminder: Our local food pantries can also take fresh produce donations! Check out the list below for details on donating to your local pantry.

Cass County Food Pantry and Mobile Pantry Info- 2024

Resources for Growing and Harvesting Food

What should I grow?

We accept all edible produce, but have the most demand for: tomatoes, zucchini, squash, potatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, melons, cabbage, sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans. Check out the publications below on suggested donation items, and also the resources on how to grow/donate safely!

I’m new to vegetable gardening, but would like to participate. Where can I get help getting started?

Check out our grower resources below. If you’d like to talk with someone, contact Cass County Extension Director Kate Olson at or 712-243-1132 to be put in contact with a Garden Champion on our team.

Download free PDFs from ISU Extension on the following topics:

Resources for Planning and Planting Your Garden

Best Practices for Growing, Harvesting and Handling Donated Produce

Sow, Grow, Eat and Keep "quickinars" are 5 to15 minute online lessons of seasonally appropriate topics for the garden, food preparation and food preservation. 

Check out videos, garden resources and more on the ISU Extension Sow, Grow, Eat, Keep Website! 

Learn More About Growing Another Row

Who is organizing this?

The Healthy Cass County Healthy Foods Access Team is spearheading this project with support from a range of partners, including Cass County Extension, the Cass County Local Food Policy CouncilProduce in the ParkCass County Master Gardeners and more.


Who can join?

Anyone can join! Whether you’ve been farming/gardening for years, or you’re just trying your hand at gardening, we welcome you to join us. We need people to grow food, but we also need people to help harvest food (pick tomatoes, dig potatoes, etc.), bag food into family-sized quantities, and transport food (from a farm or drop-off site to a pick-up site). Individuals, as well as area groups, organizations, or businesses are welcome to join Grow Another Row!

Contact Us!

 For more information on “Grow Another Row, Cass County!” contact Cass County Wellness Coordinator Grace McAfee at or call 712-250-8170.

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The Cass County Urgent Need Resource Guide is updated twice a year with current links and phone numbers to local, regional and statewide resources. This document was created by Cass County Public Health and Cass County ISU Extension to assist Cass County residents in times of need. Click below to access the most current version of the guide.

March 2024 Cass County Urgent Need Resource Guide

The guide is updated regularly by members of the Healthy Cass County Coalition. Healthy Cass County is a community-based volunteer network formed to promote the health and well-being of Cass County residents. 

You can follow Healthy Cass County on Facebook @HealthyCassCounty  ( for resources, tips and upcoming events in Cass County! For more information on Healthy Cass County or the resource guide, contact Cass County Community Wellness Coordinator Grace McAfee at (712) 250-8170 or by email at

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