Record Keeping

4H Record Keeping book cover

Record Book Order/Instructions 

This document (click the title to open) is a good check-list to make sure you have all of the information in your Record Book that you need.  Please remember this is just a suggested order, but your book should be easy to follow from beginning to end to tell your 4-H Story! 

Need a new record book cover (green binder pictured above)? We have them available for purchase in the Extension Office for $3 each!

Record Book Forms Available Online

For each project you were enrolled in during the year, you should fill out a project record. You may not have a lot to report for project areas where you were less active, but you can still report what you learned and did throughout the year. There are three levels of project records; please use the one appropriate to the grade you just completed in school. Your record book should reflect all the work you have done in that project are a for the past 4-H Year- from last September when the 4-H Year started, through the end of August at fairs, workshops, etc!

For a complete list of record keeping resources and tips from the Iowa 4-H Program, check out the Iowa 4-H Record Keeping Website: for guidelines and a full list of downloadable record keeping forms

Livestock & Small Animal Worksheets

Most livestock record keeping forms can be found at the state 4-H livestock page:

You can click on the link on the right-hand side of the page called "record keeping" or find all available project worksheets on the Extension Store (click for list of free downloads)

Other forms you may find helpful:

Other Project Worksheets and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions - Tips and resources for leaders and volunteers who are evaluating 4-H Record Books.

Goal Setting Tips for Project areas and Exhibits- link to State 4-H resource to download

Goal Calendar - plan out your project activities throughout the 4-H Year! - link to State 4-H resource to download

Record Book Self Evaluation Form- check yourself before you turn in the finished product to be judged. How did you do?

Sample Ideas for Communication, Citizenship, and Leadership Activities - to qualify for Project Awards, a Junior must share an example of at least one of these.  Intermediates must write about 2 and Seniors are required to demonstrate examples of all 3.  These sample ideas will help get you thinking about examples you can include. You can also check state 4-H project area guides for ideas and links to resources- visit and click on the project area you're interested in!