Master Gardener Program

The Master Gardener Program trains garden enthusiasts to learn, grow, and teach others about plants and gardening in the home landscape. Participants receive 40 hours of training via webcasting, face-to-face, and hands-on workshops, while interacting with others of similar interests. After completing their training, Master Gardener Interns volunteer 40 hours of service in county approved projects related to gardening education to become active Master Gardeners. To maintain active status, Master Gardeners must attend at least 10 hours of county approved continuing education and volunteer at least 20 hours of service on county approved projects.


We will be introducing Horticulture Tuesdays! Each month we will try to hold a hands on workshop about Horticulture. Keep an eye here for registrations! 

To sign up for a workshop, click on the workshop below to register. 


Local Master Gardener Information

Wapello County is home to a growing Master Gardener Program that meets every other month. If you are a current Master Gardener or interested in becoming a Master Gardener in the future, contact the Wapello County Office at 641.682.5491 or


Become a Wapello County Master Gardener!


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Wapello County Master Gardeners

Soil Testing



Stop by the local Wapello County Extension Office to pick up a free soil test kit.

The kit contains:

  • Bag to collect sample in
  • Directions on how to properly collect a sample
  • Form to fill out and send in with sample 


Educational Opportunities for MG's

Iowa MG YouTube Channel

Webinar Series

Garden Variety Podcasts

Whether you're a Master Gardener, or just getting started— there's always something new to learn in your garden and landscape.

Garden Variety Podcasts

Extension Store

Download or purchase resources for the Master Gardener.

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