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Home Gardening Webinars

Join us for a variety of webinars that will expand your knowledge, introduce you to new topics, and allow you to connect with experts from across the field. All ages and backgrounds are welcome to attend. Attendees can choose to join in the Zoom room or on Facebook Live. For questions, email mgardener@iastate.edu.

Previously recorded webinars will be available on this page as they become available to the public. Subscribe to our YouTube to be notified when new recordings are available. 


2024 Series

Speakers to be announced. Tentatively scheduled for Tuesdays at 6 pm from January through March 12, 2024. 


2022-2023 Series

Growing Crops in the Cold with Dan Fillius (ISU Extension & Outreach)
In most Iowa winters, many crops can survive and be harvested clear through into the spring. Additionally, all these crops taste sweeter and have a rich flavor in the winter! Learn how to protect crops using simple DIY structures so you too can enjoy homegrown salad on Christmas and sweet winter spinach with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day.
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Microgreens: Confetti for Your Plate with Esther McGinnis (NDSU)
Growing microgreens is the perfect winter project. Most microgreens can be grown indoors from start to finish in one to three weeks. Learn how to grow this trendy crop and add homegrown produce to your winter diet.
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Harvesting and Preserving Herbs with Bruce Black (U of I)
Herbs are great fun to grow in the home landscape – and they are easy to grow, harvest, and keep. Join Bruce Black, University of Illinois Extension Horticulture, to learn more about harvesting and preserving your home-grown herbs to enjoy in recipes all winter.
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Edible Landscaping with Cindy Haynes (ISU Extension & Outreach)
Want a landscape that does more than simply providing beauty? Consider edible landscaping. Dr. Haynes will discuss design tips on vegetables and fruits that work well in Midwestern landscapes.
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Shade Tree Pruning – Make it a Habit with Jeff Iles (ISU Extension & Outreach) and Conifer Care for Iowa’s Landscapes & Windbreaks with Billy Beck (ISU Extension & Outreach)
The shade tree you planted last fall or intend to plant this spring will provide shade, shelter, and enjoyment for generations to come. But the anticipated benefits and best ROI will only happen if your newly-planted trees receive timely and appropriate maintenance. This session will focus on practical pruning techniques and the science behind them to get your young trees off to a great start. Overview of conifer planting, pruning, vigor, and protection - for both landscapes and windbreaks.
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How to Tame Your Unruly Apple Tree with Winter Pruning with Suzanne Slack (ISU Extension & Outreach)
Apples trees can be notoriously difficult to prune correctly, especially if the tree has been neglected for a couple years or has become too tall and burdensome to reach the top. In this webinar, we will demonstrate proper pruning technique for large, unruly apple trees as well as some tips and tricks for younger trees to prevent unwanted unruliness.
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Pruning Brambles with Randall Vos
Dr. Nonnecke will discuss different types of brambles and how to manage them to get the best yields for summer- and fall-bearing raspberries and blackberries grown in the Upper Midwest.
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Pruning Shrubs & Vines with Aaron Steil (ISU Extension & Outreach)
When do I prune my lilac? How do you prune a clematis? Can I cut back my smokebush and still have some flowers? Pruning ornamental shrubs and vines can be a bit confusing because it sometimes feels like they each have their own "rules". Learn about the reasons, tools, terms, techniques, timing, and strategies used to prune shrubs and vines to get healthy plants with beautiful shapes, colors, and blooms in your own landscape.
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Cassian Schmidt Style Gravel Gardens – A New Effort in Sustainable Gardening with Ed Lyon (Reiman Gardens)
The demand for more sustainable gardening practices has Americans looking beyond this country for viable solutions. A relatively recent trend that is picking up in interest is gravel gardens inspired by German horticulturist Cassian Schmidt and used in municipal plantings that previously utilized heavy water, chemical, fertilizer and labor inputs. The use of gravel and aggregate mulches is an exciting new approach to bring beautiful, biodiverse planting into the city, without the need to hire a staff of highly skilled gardeners. Some of the first were introduced to America by renowned horticulturist Roy Diblik just over 10 years ago with the heaviest concentration in the Madison, WI area. Ed Lyon, director of Reiman Gardens, built one there and brought the idea to the Gardens where the second largest in the country now exists as the Hillside Water-wise Garden. Ed will talk about the attributes of this style of garden and how they are constructed as well as showing established sites.
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Rain Gardens & Rain Barrels with Jennifer Welch (PCSWCD) and Cassie Druhl (PCPW)
Get inspired and learn what it takes to design and build rain gardens and rain barrels. You will receive practical information on how to create your very own rain gardens or barrels including design and installation tips and plant lists.
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Additional Resources


Spooky Plants with Dr. Cindy Haynes (ISU Department of Horticulture) - Wednesday, October 26, 2022 - 7 p.m.         
Don’t let plants scare you. We’ll introduce you to some spooky, stinky, and downright strange plants that will make you reconsider what you know about the flora around you. Dr. Cindy Haynes, professor of Horticulture, will take us on a journey through the world of spooky plants such as Eyeball Plant, Corpse Flower, and Venus Flytrap.
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Native Seed Saving with Bill Johnson (Iowa Department of Natural Resources) - Wednesday, November 9, 2022 - 7 p.m.
Have you ever wondered how to harvest and grow your favorite native seeds? We’ll be joined by Bill Johnson, Biologist at the Iowa DNR Prairie Resource Center, who will talk about harvesting, preparing, and storing 100 species of native grasses, sedges and wildflowers annually.
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2021-2022 Series Recordings

Exploring the Life of Iowa's Bumble Bees with Sarah Nizzi (The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation)
Iowa is home to roughly 400 native bee species, 14 of which are bumble bees. Bumble bees are critical to our agricultural and ecological systems. In this webinar you will learn about bumble bee biology, ecology, and identification, as well as how to support bumble bees and techniques for tracking bumble bee populations through community science platforms.
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Beekeeping 101 with Randall Cass (ISU Extension and Outreach)
There are many great reasons to become a beekeeper! Honey bees are fascinating animals! For some people it is a rewarding hobby and for others it can develop into a small business. Randall Cass, the ISU bee extension specialist, will offer an overview of what it takes to become a beekeeper. What kind of equipment do you need? Where can you keep beehives? Is it profitable? Will you get stung? (The answer to the last one is YES!)
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Monarch Habitat in the Home Garden & Landscape with Dr Donald Lewis (ISU Extension and Outreach)
Declines in the number of monarch butterflies that began over two decades ago have led to increased interest in what Iowans can do to help. What have you done for butterflies and pollinators lately? What more could you do? What more should you do? These and other questions and issues will be explored by Dr. Donald Lewis, ISU Extension and Outreach Entomologist. Be sure to bring your insect-related observations, anecdotes, and questions for the Q&A.
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Planting Design Tips with Lisa Nunamaker (ISU Dept. of Horticulture)
Learn about simple tips to help you arrange plants in your garden. Elements such as form, texture, color, massing, plus several others are highlighted.
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Planting Design Models with Lisa Nunamaker
The arrangement of plants is a beautiful process that can feel overwhelming. This presentation will highlight several planting models (or templates of-sorts) that you can follow to arrange plants in different ways depending on the site or style you wish to convey.
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Planting Design Graphics with Lisa Nunamaker
You have so many ideas for your garden and would like to finally draw something on paper! This presentation will show how to draw plant symbols, plus showcase the power of drawing plants in both plan (top view) and elevation (side view).
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Houseplant Propagation with Aaron Steil (ISU Extension and Outreach)
Growing houseplants is a popular hobby and growing plants indoors creates calm, welcoming, and beautiful spaces. When houseplants get large or more plants are desired, many can be easily propagated. Learn how to propagate your own houseplants utilizing techniques like cuttings, division, and layering. This presentation will have you creating more plants to give to friends or create your own indoor jungle!
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Advanced Seed Starting with Cindy Haynes (ISU Dept. of Horticulture)
There is more to seed germination than many people realize. In this session we will discuss the importance of environmental control, stratification and scarification techniques, and other tips to improve germination of temperate or tricky species.
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Grafting Biology & Techniques with Grant Thompson (ISU Dept. of Horticulture) and Patrick O'Malley (ISU Extension and Outreach)
During the webinar, the audience will learn about the biological and physiological processes involved with grafting that can lead to a more successful take or graft incompatibilities. The webinar will include a demonstration of two ways to propagate fruit trees with whip-and-tongue grafting and chip budding.
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Starting a Cutting Garden with Cindy Haynes
Want to grow your own bouquets? In this session you will learn about designing, starting seeds, planting, spacing, maintaining, and harvesting different species suitable for cutting.
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