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2020 Fall Webcast Series

Watch a set of three videos focused on water in Iowa. Dr. Billy Beck, shares about trees, waterways, and what you can do to help. Bree Marmur showcases rain gardens and gives tips to be a good water steward. Dr. Kay Stefanik showcases wetlands, and native wetland plants. Find them on YouTube here:

2020 Winter Webcast Series

Participating ISU Extension and Outreach county offices can show the 3-part webcast series starting in February 2020. Dr. Justin Glisan, State Climatologist, will share what people can do to adapt to changing growing conditions. State Master Gardener Coordinator Susan DeBlieck will share ideas for Master Gardener volutneer project sites to get kids into the garden. Explore the Ada Hayden Herbarium with Deborah Lewis, the curator; find out about early Iowa botanists and Deb's favorite native plants. Read the press releaseContact your ISU Extension and Outreach county office to learn more. 

2019 Summer Webcast Series

Jessie Lowry, Blank Park Zoo, will share pollinator best practices. Aaron Steil, Reiman Gardens, will share the in-depth answers to frequently asked garden questions. Grant Thompson, ISU Department of Horticulture, will show how to create plant communities that mimic nature. 

Learn more in the press release here. 

2019 Winter Webcast Series

Master Gardener volunteers can gain continuing education hours by viewing webcasts at participating ISU Extension and Outreach county offices. Read the press release. Dan Fillius will provide organic weed-free vegetable growing tips to reduce pests. Elin Filbey will share examples of how to attract new people to the garden. Ed Lyon will explore a dozen ways to create container gardens. 

Growing Season 2018 Webcasts

The Growing Season webcast series includes presentations to enhance MG volunteer projects. Topics are: Invasive Insect Update, Tree Care, Attracting Local Bees, Growing Organic Vegetables, Compost 101, and Growing Roses in Iowa. Read the press release here.

Watch the videos on YouTube here. 

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Search for Excellence Award

Through the Search for Excellence recognition program, Master Gardeners can demonstrate their outstanding contributions to their communities, measuring learning and impact in the local area. All SFE applications must show that significant learning took place, with the focus on educating the general public rather than individual Master Gardeners. All SFE winning projects must be a team effort. Usually the awards are presented to individual county groups, but cooperation across county lines is encouraged as well. Read more about Search for Excellence Award

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