Resources for Growing Together Iowa Projects

 Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Donation Gardening 

Community Donation Gardening Toolkit - robust online resource for Growing Together Iowa 

Top 13 Vegetables to Donate to a Food Pantry – printable tip sheet of produce to discuss with your food pantry 

Food Safety 

Food Safety in Donation Gardens Poster – printable tips for keeping donation garden produce food safe during growing, harvest, and transport 

Donation Gardening Food Safety Video  - great 5 minute video to share with volunteers 

Handwashing Poster – printable poster illustrating six steps to wash your hands 

Best Practices for COVID-19 in the Garden – printable poster available in many languages 

Safe Home Canning Steps -printable steps to follow before, during, and after home food preservation projects 

Resources to Distribute at Food Pantries 

Growing Tomatoes in a Container Tip Sheets – printable bilingual tips to grow delicious tomatoes in containers 

Eat a Rainbow of Iowa Fruits and Veggies Coloring Sheet –printable bilingual fruit and veggie coloring sheet 

Healthy Food Pantry Donation Guide – printable bilingual tips on what to donate to a food pantry and how to lead a healthy food pantry drive 

Spend Smart. Eat Smart. Produce Basics – videos, recipes and info organized by produce type