Record Keeping

2023 Record Book Deadline Thursday October 5th by 4:30 pm

2023 Club Book (Treasurer, Secretary, Historian) Deadline October 12 by 4:30 pm

The purpose of 4-H recordkeeping is to teach how to keep records, which is an important life skill. Recordkeeping is an ongoing process that does not end when the 4-H year ends. Youth are encouraged to select from a variety of alternatives to meet their individual recordkeeping needs and learning styles.


  1. To learn how to set goals, how to make plans for action, and how to decide how well you did (evaluation).
  2. To learn the skills of record keeping and organization to use now and in the future.
  3. To learn to communicate and summarize.
  4. To learn responsibility by completing a task.
  5. To evaluate information that will market personal skills through future resumes and application forms.

The following is a guide for putting together your record books. This guide is what will be given to the judges.

The following forms are those made available to you by the Extension Office and are in the order they are to be in the record book. These are required forms.

If you are taking an exhibit to the fair, you will need your exhibit form. This will also double as your Project Record for the record book. NO OTHER PAPERWORK WILL BE NEEDED outside of support materials.

If you are not taking the project as an exhibit to the fair, but you are doing activities outside the fair, you will use this form.

Livestock Record Pages 

The current

2023 unified policy (157.26 KB)

is also required to be in your book at the back of the current year.

One thing to remember in doing a record book, add pictures of what you are doing and documentation, but also try to keep it simple. 3 pages front and back are allowed. When it comes time to turn in your record book, you will be provided with 2 pages to be put in your book. They are an Awards Application and a grade sheet

The Award Application will be where you apply for the awards you want to receive, you can do an online submission or put the form in your book 

Special Awards can be typed and put in your record book or submitted online

Spirit Award, Mentoring Award, Helping Hands Award Nominations due Monday, October 10th by 4:30 pm

Club Score Sheets/ Club Awards

Outstanding Member Applications

Due October 16th by 4:30 pm

  • Outstanding 4-H member (for Juniors and Seniors 2022-2023 School year) Word
  • Outstanding 4-H member (for Juniors and Seniors 2022-2023 School year) PDF
  • Outstanding 4-H member (for Juniors and Seniors 2022-2023 School year)
  • Outstanding First Year member Word
  • Outstanding First Year member PDF
  • Outstanding First Year member