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Reducing erosion is an important step in improving Iowa’s water quality. Planting cover crops is a proven and practical way to help reduce the loss of nitrogen and phosphorus into the state’s waterways.

By: Liz Ripley and Jamie Benning

Farmers and their consultants can learn how to improve both farm profits and water quality at a series of field days hosted by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach during Nitrogen and Water Week June 27-29.

By: Jamie Benning and Mark Johnson and Paul Kassel

Publications that feature practices with the ability to reduce runoff or to store water and improve water quality by reducing nitrogen or phosphorus loss are available from ISU Extension and Outreach.

By: Jamie Benning

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will host a cover crop, water quality and cost share field day on Aug. 8 in Roland. This is one of several extension hosted fields days to increase understanding of practices that minimize nitrate-nitrogen loss.

By: Angela Rieck-Hinz and Meaghan Anderson and Jamie Benning

Learn about improving the quality of Iowa’s waterways at an Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and partner hosted field day, workshop, conservation station event, or stop by the Iowa State exhibit at Farm Progress Show. There are still many opportunities this summer to learn first hand about practices that reduce nutrient loss.

By: Willy Klein and Liz Ripley and Jamie Benning

Private wells are an important part of Iowa’s landscape, and keeping an eye on the quality of water coming out of those wells is equally important. In the July edition of Acreage Living newsletter, Jamie Benning says testing should be done annually, and is relatively easy to do.

By: Jamie Benning