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Pythium and other diseases

June 27, 2009

Lukily the nights are cooling down. We generally consider 68 F night temp. as the cut off for Pythium development. Even if you have hot daytime temps, if the night temp falls below 68, Pythium usually will not develop.

Brown patch appears to be wide spread this season. Dollar spot is just beginning to form. We have a new study at the research station this summer on both fairway height and green height bents. All plots are then split in half, with one half treated for dollar spot and the other half untreated. If anyone would like to see them, stop by. Otherwise, they will be on the field day tour on Aug. 6.

We have also seen a lot of Red Thread this year. It has been more widespread than unual. At the research station, we are seeing a lot of it on tall fescue.

Nick Christians