A 4-H Trivia Quiz

Iowa National 4-H Week Trivia Quiz

1. Who is known in Iowa as the “Mother of 4-H”?

2. True or False: 4-H was once known as Boys’ Clubs and Girls’ Clubs.

3. What does each of the four H’s stand for?

4. What Iowa county is the birthplace of the clover as the 4-H emblem?

5. Who first had the idea of using a clover as the 4-H emblem?

6. The 4-H clover celebrated what birthday in 2007?

7. True or False: The clover emblem originally had three leaves.

8. In what decade was the Iowa 4-H Center (camp) opened in Boone County near Madrid?

9. What is the 4-H motto?

10. In what year did Iowa State College President W. M. Beardshear deliver an address before the National Education Association on the subject of an education of head, heart and hand?

11. What Keokuk County Superintendent of Schools called for an educational rally to be held in each township to improve schools with an education that extended to the heart and hand as well as the head?

12. Music became an Iowa 4-H project in what decade?

13. The first annual 4-H Girls State Convention met in what year?

14. True or False: The 4-H Victory Army involved more than 25,000 Iowa young people in planting and harvesting victory gardens during World War II.

15. EFNEP-4-H stands for what?

16. What Iowa teenager won the national Power of YOUth poster contest?

17. Who was the first director (state leader) of Iowa 4-H?

18. The Iowa 4-H Corn Club boys won a trip to what exposition in 1915?

19. Both Colorado and Iowa 4-H teams won trips to Europe in 1923. What activity did the clubs do to win the prize?

20. What current 4-H program teaches kindergarten through third grade children to eat, play, paint, dress, decorate, write, read, add/subtract and sing through gardening?


1. Jessie Field Shambaugh
2. True
3. Head, Heart, Hands and Health
4. Wright County
5. O. H. Benson
6. 100th
7. True
8. 1950s
9. To make the best better
10. 1902
11. Cap E. Miller
12. 1920s
13. 1928
14. True
15. Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, which brought fun and knowledge about healthy foods to urban children through 4-H.
16. Meghan Wolf
17. Paul C. Taff
18. The Panama-Pacific Exposition
19. Canning
20. Growing in the Garden

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