Illustration of houses built on fill in the special flood hazard area Video 13: Overview of Regulatory Requirements - What is Development? When is a Permit Required?

This video explains the goals of floodplain regulation and what is considered “development” under the National Flood Insurance Program. 

Development site in watershed Video 14: Federal and State Floodplain Regulation

This video discusses federal and state permitting authority for activities in the floodplain. 

House built in special flood hazard area with basement Video 15: Local Floodplain Development Regulations

This video addresses how local communities exercise floodplain management authority through their floodplain management ordinances, which regulate development in the floodway and floodway fringe.  The video also covers several common exemptions to development regulations.

Substantially damaged house due to flooding Video 16: Substantial Damages and Substantial Improvements

This video addresses how local floodplain management ordinances regulate improvements, repairs, and reconstruction of existing buildings in the Special Flood Hazard Area.

No development in the floodway that will increase base flood elevation Video 17: Local Floodplain Regulations - Variances

This video describes the variance process and considerations for when a variance should – and should not – be granted by a local community.

House built on fill above base flood elevation Video 18: Local Floodplain Regulations - Beyond Federal and State Minimums

This video highlights three of the most common steps communities have taken to go beyond minimum federal and state regulatory standards.  These steps have helped communities plan for flood events that are larger than the base flood, and lower the risks to people and property.