Worker Protection Standard: Train-The-Trainer Course

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This course provides the information required to train those who will train workers under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Worker Protection Standard (WPS). It will guide you through the necessary procedures to provide agricultural workers with required information on how to avoid exposure to pesticides and pesticide residue.

  • Completing this course does NOT qualify you to train handlers
  • Once you have completed the course,  you do NOT need to complete the course on an annual basis.

Take the course anytime, anywhere

You may access the course any time of day from any computer with reliable Internet access.  You may review the units as many times as you wish and you can take the final exam more than once. (approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete course).

Starting January 2, 2018, compliance is required for ALL of the 2015 revisions to the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) EXCEPT using new training content requirements in worker and handler training. Training that has been EPA-approved may be used to train workers and handlers. Compliance with the new content in worker and handler training will be required 6 months after EPA publishes a Federal Register notice about training materials being available

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EnrollThe Worker Protection Standard: Train-The-Trainer Course has been updated to meet EPA requirements. To become qualified as a WPS worker trainer by EPA, please visit Health & Safety to participate in the online course.

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