Press Articles

Farm News: Welcome to the wine lab, November 28, 2014
Business Record: Maturing Vintages, September 26, 2014
Iowa State University News Service: Iowa wine industry poised for expansion, April 2014

CHS News, Iowa State an invaluable resource for growing Iowa wine industry, April 2013
The Iowan, Mettle to Medal article, March/April 2013
Visions, Winter 2012, Good Grapes
“We’d have never made it off the ground with any degree of efficiency or accomplishment [without the Institute],” he said. “They’re absolute pros.”
Iowa Grape Research, "Vineyard and Winery Management", Nov/Dec 2011
"Wine East" Article, May/June 2008
Video: Movers & Shakers: Tasting Proficiency Class, 10-31-13 - Iowa Decanted, 3:47 min.

Video: Iowa Wines, 5-17-13 – Iowa IPTV, 4:13 min.
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