Join 4-H

Our enrollment period starts September 1st. This page is your one stop shop on how to join 4-H!

Choose a Club

Step 1

Choose a club based on location, age, or special interest.  Check out the list of 4-H clubs in Webster County or contact the County Youth Coordinator, who will be happy to assist you. Club leaders will give you specific information about the club such as meeting specifics and club rules and expectations.


Step 2

The v.2 4-H Online is the method for Online Registration.  There is an annual program enrollment fee of $30 to enroll in 4-H. In Webster County, this fee is funded in part with assistance from NEW Cooperative, Inc.  This fee supports the state 4-H program. To re-enroll, please check out our Help Sheet for Re-Enrolling Members. New families can register through the 4H Online system by using the Help Sheet for NEW Families.

Learn about 4-H

Step 3

Look for project areas that interest you by looking at the Pick Your Adventure Guide.  For even more information, you can check out County 4-H Fact Sheet.  Our calendar has more information about events going on in Webster County.

Consider making it a family affair by becoming a 4-H Volunteer! Connect with local 4-H staff here