Record Keeping

Philosophy of 4-H Record Keeping                         

The purpose of 4-H record keeping is to teach how to keep records, which is an important life skill.  Record keeping is an ongoing process that does not end when the 4-H year ends.  Youth are encouraged to select from a variety of alternatives to meet their individual record keeping needs and learning styles.

Guidelines for 4-H Record Keeping                           

All 4-H'ers are encouraged to develop a record keeping system that includes:

  • Record keeping for one or more project(s) using the "Basic, Experienced or Advanced Project Record" below
  • Completion of Yearly 4-H Summary (4H-96) or a 4-H Story
  • Member self-evaluation and/or a member-mentor conference

4-H'ers are encouraged to select one or more of the following for their project records:

4-H record keeping should reflect the 4-H'ers goals, accomplishments, and future plans.

All record books should be completed by the club's deadline and turned into the club leaders traditionally in August/September who will use the Record Book Evaluation Form  in nominating for County Record Book Awards.  Those awards are presented at the 4-H Awards Event in November annually.

Amigo Clover's Record Book

Check out Amigo Clover's 4-H Record Book to see a description of the forms or a sample.  Happy Record Keeping!