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3 steps to register livestock for the Washington County Fair

3 steps to register livestock for Washington County Fair

YQCA Certification (Youth for Quality Care of Animals) = Due June 1 

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  • Youth showing livestock that will eventually enter the food chain are required annually to complete and earn the Youth for Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) certification online.  This must be completed by June 1 through  by using your family 4hOnline log in credentials. Coupon codes are available upon request from the Extension Office to take this online course (normally $12) for free.  A unique code per exhibitor will be required when registering to take YQCA online.  Contact the Extension Office for a code at or 319-653-4811.  
  • Family YQCA Help Sheet 2023

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Public Speaking.

To many, it makes their palms sweat and knees shake.  But to 4-H, it is a point of pride.  It is a powerful life skill that 4-H grows and develops in its members.    It is a skill teachers recognize in 4-Hers above other students.  It is a skill employers recognize in their employees who have a 4-H background.  Public speaking is a skill 4-Hers can develop through this program!   It is incredibly rewarding to see the growth from the 4th grader in their first year of presentations grown into the seniors giving their final 4-H presentation!  

Many clubs have been working on member educational presentations already, and you may have seen some delivered at club meetings.   But many have slotted out time this spring for special presentation days too.  As you work on your presentation, we wanted to pass along some of these resources! 

The resources below may help you plan, practice, deliver, improve and grow for your next public speaking moment.   These resources could be used at the club meeting level, or they could be used at home.  Enjoy! 

Educational Presentation How-to Video:

  • State Fair selected an educational presentation titled "Public Speaking" by Grace Puttmann Limecreek LImelight on how to give a presentation.  This is a 10-minute video that shows and explains it all!  Grace gives this presentation as a 6-year member in 4-H.   Click here for the video on Washington County 4-H YouTube page. 

Iowa 4-H Guides:  Click these links to take you to Iowa 4-H supports

  • "Communications: Pieces to a Presentation Puzzle" Put your jitters to rest; use this fact sheet to help you prepare for your first presentation.  Understanding the steps to prepare will help your first presentation go smoothly.  Like a puzzle, a presentation has different pieces that fit together. Let's look at the pieces to the presentation puzzle.
  • "Sixty Second Speeches" This activity will lead youth through the preparation of a short impromptu speech, organized into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.  Participants will learn public speaking basics.
  • Evaluation form used by judges to evaluate educational presentations at the county and state level competitions.  
  • Communication Project Area Guide  Do you talk to friends?  Take part in a school play?  Write reports?  Read books?  See how the world of communication impacts you daily by participating in the 4-H communication project area.  Learn about yourself and others!
  • “See!  You Did It!  Presentations" This activity will help 4-H members learn to communicate by giving an organized presentation in front of a group.  This club or group activity will help them learn to communicate information to others through a presentation.  They will practice life skills such as developing self-esteem and gaining self-confidence.

Things to watch for down the road: 

  • When is your club doing presentations?  Are you expected to give one?  Have you already been assigned a date?  What topics do you enjoy and would be passionate about teaching others?  Get started and enjoy!  
  • All 4-H members will be invited to share their educational presentations at the county-wide Communication Event the week before the county fair.   This is an optional activity to showcase their public speaking skills and be evaluated by a judge.  Each age division (juniors, intermediates, seniors) has its own judges who provide feedback and selects a few to represent Washington County 4-H at the next level of competition - at the Iowa State Fair.   Youth who want to participate must pre-register for the county Communications Event through Fair Entry which opens in June.  Stay tuned for registration details that come out in June. 
  • You can read more about educational presentations and other communication events at the Washington County Fair in the fair book. 
  • Amy Green, the 4-H Coordinator, is happy to provide feedback if you want to practice or brainstorm with her.  You can set this up by email to  We look forward to you making your best better through public speaking!  

County Fair Communications Forms: 

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