County Fair

Warren County Exhibit Information

Please review the 2024 Warren County Fair book for complete rules and guideline. Fairbooks are available at





Youth will need to complete these forms for all project areas:

1. Project write-up (Word Doc) -- Photography Label - Use this instead of project write-up for photography projects.
2. Entry Tag (Printed for you from FairEntry)
3. Entry Form (Printed for you from FairEntry)                                     

If you are doing Photography you must use the Photography label - Photography Label (word) (PDF)

If you are doing a Communications Poster you must use the Communications Poster label - Communications Poster Label (PDF)

If you are doing Preserved Food you must use the Preserved Food Label - Preserved Food Label (PDF)

4-H exhibits must follow copyright rules - Copyright Rules

If you found your idea on Pinterest please see how to source your idea. 
Pinterest is NOT a source but a search tool to find ideas. - Pinterest Source Helpsheet

If you are exhibiting Home Improvement, Visual Arts, Clothing and Sewing you MUST include Design Elements and Art Principles. This is a new rule this year. Please see: Exploring the Elements and Principles of Design for more information.

Judging for ALL Clothing and Communications events (Communications: Educational Presentations, Extemporaneous Speaking, Working Exhibits, and Share-the-Fun) will take place on Tuesday, June 24th at the Warren County Extension Office. A schedule will be sent out to those who register after June 15th.

Youth participating in Working Exhibits will have the option of hosting a table to display their working exhibit at the County Fair on Friday, July 26th at 2:00pm at the 4-H Exhibit Building.

This year, Share-the-Fun performances with only take place on judging day.


Educational Presentation Informational Video

Share-the-Fun Informational Video

Working Exhibit Informational Video 



Judging for ALL Clothing and Communications events (Clothing: Clothing Selection, Fashion Revue, and $20 Challenge); Communications: Educational Presentations, Extemporaneous Speaking, Working Exhibits, and Share-the-Fun) will take place on June 24th at the Warren County Extension Office. A schedule will be sent out to those who register after June 15th.

Clothing Report Forms

Report forms are now the same for all 4 clothing project areas: $20 Challenge, Clothing Selection, Fashion Revue, and Innovative Design. There is a Junior/Intermediate Form and a Senior Form. Please complete this form for EACH of your clothing projects. 

Clothing Events Senior Report Form

Clothing Events Junior and Intermediate Report Form

$20 Challenge

$20 Challenge Commentary Form 

Clothing Selection

Clothing Selection Commentary Form

Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue Commentary Form

Innovative Design

Innovative Design Commentary Form

Thrifty Meal Challenge

Create a balanced, nutritious meal for family of four (4) that includes a serving from each of the five food groups with a budget of $11.  (Budget may be adjusted each year - $11 is for 2024).

Tips and Resources:

USDA MyPlate website – – Information regarding the five food groups and recommended serving sizes and equivalents included here.

Recommended Serving Sizes:

  1. Fruit: ½ Cup
  2. Vegetable: ½ Cup
  3. Protein: 3 ounces
  4. Grain: 1-2 ounces (Goal of making half our grains whole.)
  5. Dairy: 1 Cup equivalent
Spend Smart. Eat Smart. website – - Information on how to eat healthy on a budget. Check out the sections: Plan, Shop, and Cook.

Thrifty Meal Challenge Worksheet 

Clover Kids

Clover Kids Sharing will take place on Friday, July 19th from 5-7pm at the 4-H Exhibit Building at the Warren County Fairgrounds. There is no schedule for judging, so families can come anytime during the two hour timeframe. Clover Kids can bring as many projects as they wish, we just ask them to pick their four favorite projects to share with the judges. Senior 4-H members and Extension staff will be the 'judges" talking with the youth about their projects. this is a noncompetitive show and all youth will receive ribbons for their projects.


Clover Kids will also need to enter their projects in FairEntry. We will have computers to assist the day of judging if you aren't able to make entries in advance. Please go to  to make entries.

Helpful Resources

Photography and Design
Food and Nutrition
Principles of Design

Principles of Design

Principles of Design - Home Design

Principles of Design - Clothing


4-H and FFA Livestock at the Warren County and Iowa State Fair

Livestock ID Information

Livestock ID Deadlines

Market Beef February 1

Breeding Beef, Dairy, Goat, Sheep, Swine,

Dog, Horse

May 15
Bucket/Bottle Calf June 1
Rabbits July 1
Poultry N/A


4-H 202 - Animal Identification, Weighing, and Exhibiting Requirements for County, State, and Interstate Shows

ALL livestock exhibitors and families should read and uphold the guidelines laid out in this document.

Families are responsible for uploading ALL livestock ID information in 4HOnline.

Help guide for families entering livestock IDs in 4HOnline



YQCA Family Help guide

All youth exhibiting Beef, Dairy Cattle/Dairy Goat, Meat Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, Swine are required to complete YQCA by JUNE 1ST! 

If you have and questions please contact the Warren County Extension Office at 515-961-6237 or


**Mandatory Swine Meetings**

Mandatory Meeting for ALL Swine Exhibitors and one Parent/guardian. You must attend one of the meetings to be able to show at the Warren County Fair Swine Show. You and your parent/guardian will be required to sign a sheet at the end of the meeting. Meetings will be: Thursday, March 9th at 6:30 pm at the Warren County Extension Office OR Saturday, March 25th at 8:30 am at the Warren County Extension Office.

Tagging Kit Information: 

Swine will be required to have a USDA tag and ear notches for the Warren County Fair and additionally DNA tag/punch for the Iowa State Fair. ID information and tagging are the responsibility of the families. We will have tagging kits at the Extension Office that will be available for pick up and returned within 48 hours. The ID deadline is MAY 15TH!

To request a tagging kit, please reserve your time. You will be able to reserve a time on either a Monday or Thursday. You will pick up the kit from the Warren County Extension Office at your registered time. We ask that you return the kit within 48 hours to ensure turnaround time for the next appointment. If you have any questions regarding scheduling please call our office.

Tags are $3/USDA tag and $8/DNA tag. Payment can be made to our office by cash, check, card when picking up your kit.

The kit will include:

Drug Affidavits/Animal Care Forms
Dog Project

All 4-Hers interested in Dog Project should attend our informational meeting on April 1 at 6:30 PM at the Warren County Extension Office. This meeting is for parents and 4-Hers (no dogs at this meeting) to explain the project and what is needed for the season. This meeting is strongly recommended for all participants to attend. Participant registration and shot records for the dogs will need to be submitted at this meeting.
Please email to register.

Dog Project for 2024 will be held on Monday evenings at 6 PM & 7 PM from April 8 - July 15 at the Warren County Fairgrounds in the Cattle Arena.

The 6 PM class is the beginner class with agility and rally classes.. This is for first years and anyone in the Beginner A and B Classes.

The 7 PM class is the advanced class with agility and rally classes.
If you are unsure about what level you are in, please contact the project leader.

Dogs participating in class must be up to date on all shots. The required shots are: DHPP and Rabies. Bordetella is highly recommended. If the dog is too young for the required shots, please discuss this with the project leaders and the extension office. Please submit a photocopy of the shot records to the leaders and take note of vaccination expiration dates. If vaccinations expire prior to the fair, they will need to be re-administered.

For any question, please contact Karen Dutcher at (515) 556-2865 or email at
Iowa State Fair Dog Project Webpage

  • Rabies , 1year, 3year or 5 year depending on Vets preference
  • Bordetella is highly recommended 



2018 Dog Project Curriculum and Homework - Weekly Schedule

Links to Dog Videos



Skeletal System of Dog Image

External Dog Anatomy Image

Dog Parts 

Fitting a Dumbbell

Agility Score Sheet

Dog Show Showmanship

Dog Obedience Score Sheet

Rally 3011 Map

Rally 3011 Sign Description

Rally 3012 Map

Rally 3012 Sign Description

Rally 3013 Map

Rally 3013 Sign Description

Rally 3014 Map

Rally 3014 Sign Description