Extension Publications

Grape Production and Management Series CD
This CD contains full versions of selected Crop Adviser Institute (CAI) learning modules in the Pest, Nutrient, and Crop Management areas. You will have full access to all materials except the final CEU exam. Exam access may be obtained from the CAI website.
Ensuring Food Safety in the Vineyard: Wine Grapes
The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) focuses on the reduction and prevention of food safety risks. This publication highlights grapes grown for wine and the FSMA regulations that governs their growth and production.
A Review of Cold Climate Grape Cultivars
There has been interest in growing grapes in the upper Midwest and other cold climate regions of North America. One of the problems growers face in these regions is selecting cultivars (cultivated varieties) that will withstand severe winters, mature in short growing seasons, and be productive.
Managing Spotted Winged Drosophila in Commercial Fruit Production
Fruit flies native to the U.S. primarily lay eggs in soft, rotting fruit and cause little to no economic loses to undamaged fruits. These fruits flies are considered a nuisance pest to farmers unless the fruit has been previously injured.
Climate, Weather and Wine Grapes
This preliminary report offers a snapshot of Pacific Northwest wine grape growers’ observations, thoughts, concerns, and priorities for their crops.
Targeted Pest Management: Phenological Growth Guide for Grapevines
This publication provides a timetable for pest emergence in Iowa and what pesticides can be used in Iowa's vineyards. Designed to be printed and carried with you in the field, this publication is oriented to be folded in half to fit easily into a glove box, folder or pocket.
Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide 2019-2020
This 180-page guide contains a spray schedule and background information for commercial producers of apples, pears, cherries, peaches, plums, grapes and berries.