High Tunnel Information

NEW! Budgets are available for high tunnel vegetable production. Information is based on detailed production records of five farmers growing crops such as bell peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, herbs, lettuce and tomatoes. Download budgets.
High Tunnel Fruit and Vegetable Production Manual
Rainwater Catchment from a High Tunnel for Irrigation Use

High Tunnels Help Local Vegetable Growers Produce Earlier Crops

Download and personalize your own high tunnel flyer and help market your produce to your customers.
INSTRUCTIONS for personalizing and using this flier:
This flier was developed for growers to copy and have available at farmers’ markets or other direct-to-consumer markets. It will help you show and explain how and why you have crops available at the market earlier than many other growers or home gardens.
Editable half page high tunnel flyer. Requires Microsoft publisher. (Right click and select save as!)
The file can be opened in a Publisher format (if you have Microsoft Office software and use Microsoft Word, you should be able to open it). Simply click on the image or title of the document.
To change the photo to include one of your own high tunnel or farm:
Right click on the photo and select “Change Picture” by left clicking on it, locate the picture that you would like to put on the flier, click on it and then click on the “Insert” button at the bottom right side of the page.
To change the text in the bracket:
Highlight the brackets and text between them and type in the name of your farm. Be sure to do this with both half page fliers. Save it and print as many copies as you will need and   cut apart.