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June 25, 2020
It is said that prevention is the best medicine, and that is the goal of a new partnership between Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Iowa Heart Center Foundation.
July 2, 2019

Iowa 4-H members in a club show more gains in knowledge the longer they are members of a club, based on results of a survey of Iowa 4-H club members

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Union County 4-H Event & SPIN Information

2020 Summer Camps:

We are excited to roll out some virtual summer camp options for this year! Those that wish to attend will get a Clover bag for each camp to be picked up on a set day with activity materials included, and there will be 4 virtual meetings with summer camp staff for each camp. You can view the Camps Flier by clicking (HERE) to find out more information about dates, themes and activities. 
To register for camps (click HERE)

2019 - 2020 SPIN Events: 

  • STRING ART October 3rd, 4-6 PM @ Extension Office
  • WOOD WORKING/CABINETRY November 12th, 4-6 PM @ Bolton Cabinetry
  • HAND STITCHING December 5th, 4-6 PM @ Extension Office
National 4-H Week Activities Oct. 6-12  
All Week : Recieve a free 4-H bookmark at the Gibson Memorial Library!
Monday : Wear your 4-H shirt to school day

Wednesday: 4-H gives back. Help us deliver thank you gifts around the community to our supporters! Meet at the Extension Office at 4PM to help deliver!

Thursday: Thankful Thursday- make a social media post about why you are thankful for 4-H and tag Iowa State University Extension and Outreach- Union County and use the hashtag #Thankful Thursday

County Fair Information
2020 County Fair Schedule (Click Here)

Please note that the schedule may still change due to concerns surrounding COVID-19.  

Species changes document

Fair general info document

County Fair Book (single page, printable format)
General 4-H & FFA Static Rules Pets, Poultry & Rabbits
4-H Exhibit Building Beef Department
Communication & Clothing Sheep Department
Ag Department 4-H & FFA Rules Sale Department
Health Requirements Horse Department
National Code of Show Ring Ethics Herdsmanship & Showmanship
Swine Department
Goat Department
Dairy Cows
Dog Department (updated)
2020 4-H/FFA Fair Book - single page format (Printable version) 
Web view

All changes that have had to be made this year are noted in red. We hope to go forward with the fair as normally as possible.


Animal Identifcation/Verification
Animal ID on-line Helpsheet  - Updated 2020
State Fair Swine Tagging and ID Video
Sheep 4-H online ID  Video
Meat Goat 4-H online ID Video

Clothing and Communications Day

Check out our virtual fasion show and Communications Day showcase of 4-H youth that participated at the 2020 Clothing Awardrobe or Communications Event!



Click the flyer below for location and event time information.

Flyer link

 Communications Day Categories    Clothing Day Entry Form  Clothing Category Rules

4-H Poster Communication Exhibit Entry Form     Rules (2020 version)


Queen/Princess Contest
County Fair Queen Information/ Princess Information  Information is now available! Applications are due June 19th


YQCA - Youth for the Quality Care of Animals

Click here for a YQCA help sheet which will guide you through the process of registering for a YQCA training


Fair Entry


You can find the Fair Entry Help Sheet HERE
Clothing and Communications Entries are due June 15th 2020
All livestock Entries are due July 1
All Static (exhibit building) Entries are due July 10th. 
Broiler Pen Project


Static Exhibits (Indoor Projects)

Are you interested in doing an indoor project?  Check out this HOW TO guide! 

 Be sure to watch How to Prepare a 4-H Exhibit or Goal Sheet for Fair!

Static Exhibit Write Up Form (editable)

Static Exhibit Write Up Form (.pdf)

Photography Exhibit Write Up Form 


Canning Guide for Fair 2020 

Be sure to check out the fall canning guide to make sure your project is safe and eligible for the county fair. 


Cattlemen's Awards

Beef Heifer Award  (Deadline July 14th!)

Beef Senior Award  (Deadline July 14th!)


4-H Record Keeping & Awards


          See Record Book information below...


Record books are an important piece of your 4-H career!  This 4-H Record Keeping Guide will help you as you plan to document your 4-H years.

4-H members may keep records in a variety of ways.  Recordkeeping is only limited by your imagination, so have fun and share what you have learned this year in 4-H.  We have listed the forms below to use as a guide in your recordkeeping system or as pages in your recordbook.  Some ideas for recordkeeping:

  • Traditional three ring binder, using the forms below
  • Scrapbook, with stories and pictures
  • Powerpoint
  • Blog or website
  • Picture board
  • Audio or Video (link)
  • Additionally Clover Kids can use a memory book instead of the forms below (link)

Title PagePDF -  this usually will include a photo, name, age, grade and club information

Yearly Summary  PDF: This is the summary of your 4-H year.  There is a place to write about what activities and events you done and recognition(not just in 4-H). 

Personal Goal Sheet Word: This is a place to record Personal Goals you want to accomplish, that are not related to projects.

Project Records: One form is used per project, not per Exhibit.  Project Records should tell what you have learned in your project area and not just what you exhibited at fair.  Include pictures and newspaper clippings to show your accomplishments if you would like.

Basic Project Record    PDF : Juniors and those new to the project area use this

Experienced Project Record    PDF : Intermediates or those who have been in the project area a few years use this

Advanced Project Record    PDF : Seniors or those enrolled in the project area for six years or more

Self-Evaluation Record    PDF: Rate yourself on your recordkeeping this year

Market Animal Project Worksheets: Market Beef, Sheep, Swine and Meat Goat members may use one worksheet per year for each project area.



Breeding Animal Project Worksheets: Breeding Beef, Sheep, Swine and Meat Goat projects use this worksheet for each project year.



Other Project Areas: Use these worksheets for other project areas as needed.

Rabbit Worksheet PDF

Poultry Worksheet PDF

Horse and Pony PDF

Photography Worksheet PDF

Dog Worksheet PDF

Crops Worksheet PDF

Vegetable Garden Worksheet PDF

Helpful Hints:

-Three ring binders work best for a record book.

-Each project area should have a divider with a tab for easy finding.

-Project areas can be kept in any order by are more easily located if alphabetized.

-Record books can be divided in years or project areas, however always have the most current year in the front of the book or section.

-Be sure to share what you learned in each project throughout the year.

-Fair write ups and bucket/bottle worksheets may be included but additional explanations of project area learning may be needed.

-Remember to include all things you have done in project area, not just what you exhibited at fair.

*** Be sure to check out the record book and project awards area below! ***



Record Book Award Catagories

Click HERE for the Award Nomination formThis form is required to be filled out by the 4-H member and turned in with your record book.

Click HERE for a description of what the various awards are and eligibility.

The following is a list of Non-Project awards that 4-Hers who have completed a record book can also apply for. Due November 1st wtih record books.

Clover Achievement Award

Bronze Achievement Award

Silver Achievement Award

Gold Achievement Award

Platinum Achievement Award

Chris Pokorny Memorial Achievement Award (15 years and older)

Marie Winkler Memorial Leadership Award (highschool juniors and seniors)

LeRoy Winkler Creativity Award Application (Must be nominated at the county fair)

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Local Friends of 4-H Scholarships - Due February 1st, 2020

Iowa 4-H Financial Assistance

Iowa 4-H Foundation College Scholarship

Ronald A Simpson Memorial Scholarship - Due March 15, 2020


4-H Member Resources

Thank You Card template

4-H Treasurer's Record   (No Longer available)

4-H Secretary's Record


4-H Club Officers

Soo... You're the Club Vice President
Soo... You're the Club President
Soo... You're the Club Secretary
Soo...You're the Club Treasurer


County Youth Coucil Application (Click Here)

Are you interested in getting more involved in 4-H? Making new friends? Becoming a better leader? Consider applying for the County Youth Council. The council sponsors and helps with county wide activities throughout the year. Applications are due Sept. 25th


4-H Club Resources

Friends of 4-H Community Betterment Grant .doc   .pdf

4-H Club Charter Request 

4-H Club Compliance Report

4-H Club Calendar and Roster Template 1 (.doc)

4-H Club Calendar Template 2 (.doc)

4-H Club Calendar Template 3 (.pdf)

Club Yearly Financial Audit Checklist (resource)

Yearly Club Financial Report Template (.doc)


4-H Club Account Paperwork

4H Club Account Deposit Slip

4H Club Account Voucher Request form (for reimbursement)

4H Voucher Request Form (with practice checks)

4H Club Account Transaction Register


Statewide Resources

  • 4-H Equation

    Addresses youths’ basic needs through the eight essential elements: caring adults, safe environments, inclusive settings, and opportunities for mastery, service, self-determination, planning for the future and engaged learning.

  • Provides financial resources to develop and deliver quality 4-H youth programs and opportunities throughout the state of Iowa.

  • Join a 4-H club where you can learn about your interests while having fun, improving your communication skills, and serving your community. These are resources to make your club experience even better.

  • Your adventure in 4-H starts here. Choose from nearly 50 project areas and discover your skills, talents and interests.

  • Discover the world of animal science from breeding, nutrition and general care to food safety and management. Find statewide forms, trainings and activity sheets here.

  • Iowa 4-H Volunteers are motivated by positive purposes in helping youth become caring, competent, and contributing members of their family and communities. Discover the resources you need to be most effective.

  • Conference Logo

    Every June, almost 900 teenagers converge on the campus of Iowa State University for 3 days full of speakers, workshops, mixers, dances, a banquet, and community service activities. 

  • Provides opportunities for youth to demonstrate, learn and apply project and communication skills. Every year the 4-H Exhibits Building features well over 3,000 exhibits and Livestock shows engage more than ## youth.

  • Youth and teens can discover opportunities to be recognized for personal growth, project learning, leadership and citizenship. 

  • A partner and leader in providing positive youth development through out-of-school programming. Outreach priorities include curriculum development, staff training, and partnership development.

  • Clover Kids is a FUN 4-H program for children in kindergarten through third grade. Children participate in hands-on activities designed to build many life skills!

  • A unique partnership between AmeriCorps and Iowa's Promise. The vision is that all Iowa youth have safe and supportive families, schools and communities and that they are healthy, socially competent, successful in school and prepared for a productive adulthood.

  • When you just don't know who to talk to, Teenline can help.

    • 1-800-443-8336
    • 1-800-735-2942
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