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Weather-related Information
The Union County Extension Office follows the Southwestern Community College schedule
for weather-related closings.  




The Union County Extension Office will be hiring three qualified candidates from May through early August to conduct summer programs and assist with county fair preparations. Applications are due by March 12th at 4:30 PM to Michaela O'Grady - mogrady@iastate.edu. Click the links below for the application and job description. Contact the Union County Extension Office with any questions! 641-782-8426

Job Description
Job Application


Private Pesticide Applicator Training

In order to qualify for recertification by training, private applicators must attend a private continuing instructional course (P-CIC) for each training period beginning the first fall/winter following initial certification. One exception to this would be for applicators certifying initially in October, November or December -- those applicators would begin training the fall/winter of the next calendar year after certification. The private applicator training period runs April 16 through April 15 of each year with P-CIC opportunities offered From December 1st through April 15th. Refer to the training dates printed to the left on the private pesticide applicator certification card for training periods required for renewal by CIC or contact the Pesticide Bureau at 515-281-8591 or by emailMissed training periods cannot be made up and the individual will need to retest in order to renew their certification.  Please refer to the list of scheduled trainings for 2018-2019 training period.


Are you 16 or older and love camp? Consider filling out an application to become a camp counselor for Camp Wild!
Please submit by March 1st to the Union County Extension Office! Click HERE to download the application.


County News

February 5, 2019

Children’s temperament develops early in life and is influenced by genetics and experiences. When parents have an understanding of their child’s unique temperament, they can tailor their approach to best meet their child’s needs.

“Think about different babies you have held. Some snuggle right in while others are more active in your arms. That’s temperament,” explained Brantner, who specializes in family life issues. The more parents accept their child’s temperament and learn to adapt, the more they create family harmony.

Photo of child blowing bubbles outdoors
December 14, 2018

Interested in 4-H Photography? Check out these upcoming photography events! 

CWF promotional image
December 4, 2018

Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) is a 4-H leadership and civic engagement program for high school youth (completed grades 9-12 at the time of the trip). Each summer teens gather at the National 4-H Conference Center to learn what it means to be a strong leader in their community, country, and world.

November 13, 2018

Beef Quality Assurance to be held at the Creston Livestock Market Auction on November 19th at 5 PM. Please contact the Union County Extension Office to Pre-Register. 641-782-8426

Iowa 4-H State Council Members 2017-18 Class
November 8, 2018

You deserve to be recognized for your efforts and have some fun, too!  If you are a ninth through twelfth grader, there are many opportunities available to you for recognition awards or to represent Iowa on the state and national levels.  



         WHAT CAN YOU DO IN 4-H?
           4-H members can participate in a wide variety of 4-H projects and related activities, such as:


 Union County 4-H features 11 clubs -

3 Mile Sharp Shooters, Wiggles & Wags, Union County Achievers, Sand Creek Pioneers, Pleasant Valley Explorers, New Hope Boosters, Lincoln United, Horse & Riders, Highland Highlights, Douglas Boosters, and the new Lego League

along with 8 Clover Kid groups -

Creston Clover Kids, Douglas Boosters Clover Kids, Lincoln United Clover Kids, New Hope Boosters Clover Kids, Pleasant Valley Clover Kids, Sand Creek Pioneers Clover Kids and Wiggles & Wags Clover Kids

Try something new this year.

Featured "At Work for Iowa" article

What Can You Learn in 2019?

This year, try something new. Become a Master Gardener or a 4-H volunteer. Learn new ways to strengthen your family, protect the monarchs, make healthy choices and more. Contact your ISU Extension and Outreach county office for details.

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