County Fair

2024 Tama County Fair July 15-21, 2024

Schedule of fair

2024 Tama County Fair Schedule


Application Due June 15


Letter and Application

Tama County Fair Book

2024 Tama County Fair Book

Exhibitor Guide to come in July 

Weigh-In Information

Tamco Steer and Breeding Heifer Form

Sheep Weigh-In Letter-May 4

Goat Weigh-In Letter- May 4


2024 Tama County Fair -

FFA-Animal ID Help Guide(Market Beef-due Feb. 1, all other animals-due May 15)

Family Entry Help Guide

Login Flow Chart (Which login do I use?)


Livestock Information 

How to ID animals - ALL animals must be ID by May 15

Health Requirements for Exhibition

Iowa 4-H - Animal Identification

Beef Drug Affidavit

Sheep Drug Affidavit

Meat Goat Drug Affidavit

Horse Drug Affidavit

Swine Drug Affidavit

Feeder Pen Project Sheet

Feeder Pen Summary Sheet

Dairy Lease Program

Share A Dairy Heifer Program

Horse Lease Agreement

Bottle Animals

Bottle Beef

Beef Drug Affidavit

Bottle Lamb

Sheep Drug Affidavit

Bottle Goat

Goat Drug Affidavit

Garden Project

Garden Guidelines

Garden Plan Worksheet

Garden Project Record Worksheet

Garden Resources

Non-Livestock Information

Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs

Safe Frostings for Fair

Fair Exhibit Write Up

Goal Setting

Thrifty Meal Challenge Worksheet

Honey Label

Preserved Food Label

Photography Label

4-H Poster Communication Label

Recipe Nutrition Calculator

Calculate the Recipe Costs

Elements and Principles of Design



Clothing form for 4-8th grade

Clothing form for 9-12th grade

Clothing Information

Clover Kid form

Tama County Fair Queen

Tama County Fair Queen Application