• Buffer strips in corn field

    Buffer strips in corn field

  • Soybean in No-tillage

    Soybean in No-tillage

  • Prairie System

    Prairie System

  • Emerging soybean in No-tillage

    Emerging soybean in No-tillage

Stretched Soil

Welcome to the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Soil Management website. This newly restructured website addresses the needs of our clients for research-based information and current research projects on soil and cropping systems management practices that impact soil health, soil carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions, crop productivity and environmental services. These management practices include tillage systems, crop rotations, cover crops, nitrogen management and crop residue and biomass management practices. The results of these suites of management practices are presented in refereed journal articles, ISU Extension and Outreach publications, newsletter articles and relevant blogs, all listed under areas of research interest. Several management tools are also listed, including residue and erosion calculators. The materials on this website are intended for public use for educational and research purposes with proper credit to the authors and Iowa State University.