Importance of Premises Registration

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homesteadDee Clausen
Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship

The Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) program is designed to provide traceability of animals to their farms of origin in case of a disease outbreak. Information provided during premises registration opens the lines of communication between producers and animal health officials and allows for much faster traces when there is an outbreak of an animal disease or an animal-borne human disease. If we know where susceptible animals are located, we can control the disease more quickly. Registering your premises for a Premises ID Number (PIN) allows us to know what type of livestock you have at your premises whether it be a family farm, hobby farm, backyard poultry flock, veterinary clinic, market or livestock feedlot.

What is a PIN?

  • Each registered animal location will receive a Premises Identification Number.  Nationally unique numbers assigned by the USDA
  • Example – 00AAXX7
  • One permanent number to each premises, number will stay with the premises
  • One number will cover multiple species on a premises

Why is Premises Registration Important?

  • Premises identification shows us where livestock are located within the state
  • Livestock included in the program: Cattle and Bison, Swine, Poultry, Goats, Sheep, Cervids,  Camelids, Ratites and Horses

What constitutes a premises?

  • A premises is any location involved in livestock commerce or the movement of animals or poultry
  • Any geographically unique location in which agricultural animals are raised, held, or boarded
  • Two premises within a quarter mile of each other will be covered by a single ID number

How to register a premises?

Download a Premises Application by visiting our website:

Information needed to register your premises:

  • Legal name, trade name, owner of land
  • Mailing address (Where do we mail the Premises ID letter to, once application is processed)
  • Name and phone number for contact person who owns animals or has knowledge of livestock movements to and from premises
  • Premises address where livestock is located
  • Type of operation and livestock on premises
  • There is no cost to register your premises.

If livestock or poultry with clinical signs consistent with a foreign animal disease or any clinical signs out of the ordinary are identified, please contact:

  • A local veterinarian
  • IDALS: 515-281-5321 (from 8 am to 4 pm) or 515-242-0247 (after-hours)
  • USDA APHIS: 515-284-4140 (from 8 am to 4 pm) or 800-940-6524 (after-hours)

Questions regarding Premises ID can be directed to:

Dee Clausen
Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
Animal Industry Bureau
Toll free Number: 1-888-778-7675

Date of Publication: 
May, 2018