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A new suite of resources about invasive species is now available on the Natural Resource Stewardship website. The new Invasive Species in Iowa page introduces the topic by explaining what an invasive species is and why species become invasive.

The U.S. is confronting an outbreak of a novel coronavirus that causes serious respiratory disease and may be deadly for older people and those with weakened immune systems. The World Health Organization is now calling the outbreak a global pandemic because it is affecting countries all over the world. People and organizations can still fight coronavirus by taking steps to prevent transmission of the disease, the whole point of widespread cancellation of events is to create “social distancing” to lower the infection rate and prevent health care systems from being overwhelmed.

Many gardeners like to get a head start on the gardening season by starting flower and vegetable seedlings indoors. Successfully growing seedlings indoors requires high quality seeds, a germination medium, containers, lights and other supplies, note horticulture specialists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. To have additional questions answered, contact the Hortline at 515-294-3108 or hortline

Three new video resources were added to the Pork Information Gateway (PIG) to aid producers who focus on raising pigs using alternative methods of production. Two videos focus on biosecurity and one on sourcing feed.

Fat provides various fatty acids for the horse. Essential fatty acid requirements have not been established for horses, however, most equine diets will likely meet essential fatty acid needs. Linoleic acid and α-linolenic acid are essential fatty acids that cannot be made by the horse and must be supplied by the diet.

Small Farm Sustainability

The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach program in Small Farm Sustainability exists to open the door to relationships and resources relevant to sustainability for Iowa’s smaller-scale, entrepreneurial farm enterprises. By sharing science-based information, providing program leadership, and facilitating collaboration, we will promote planning and profit potential in specialty ag ventures that tend to increase stewardship, diversity, and resilience on the Iowa farmscape.

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April, 2019

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