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Acreage Living Newsletter

The new Iowa RFSI grant program is now open and funded through USDA. The grants are intended for middle of the supply chain projects to expand options for local food processing, storing, transporting and distributing.

Join ISU Extension and Outreach at this valuable resource for arborists, industry professionals, students and educators.

Are you a producer of small ruminants? A new ISU Extension and Outreach specialist is collecting information on producer needs.

Mushroom class will help gatherers identify Iowa mushrooms to enable sales to consumers.

New survey data will be collected for the first time since 2015 to help policymakers and researchers better assist with addressing the needs of growers and other stakeholders.

Small Farm Sustainability

The Small Farms Team provides outreach to rural Iowans to connect them with relevant agricultural resources and programs from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Outreach channels include a bi-monthly newsletter, monthly podcast, social media, annual conference, and workshops.


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