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Whether women just want to learn more about Iowa’s equine industry, or need to find more profitability from their equine business, this four session course offers something for everyone.

On Monday 10 August, 2020 a devastating storm ripped past Iowa. It was unexpected and was a mighty one.Given that we are getting close to the end of the growing season does not mean that we pay less attention to plants that survived the storm. These plants are still actively growing and if properly managed could produce meaningful marketable produce.

In the summer, the high temperatures can result in management issues for pond owners with excessive aquatic vegetation being the most problematic.  It is important to remember that some aquatic vegetation is important to a pond fishery.

As Iowans continue storm cleanup following the derecho, resources are available to help assess the damage to trees and keep equipment operators safe.

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology and the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association have partnered on a new paper, Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Food and Agricultural Markets. The publication contains insights from 29 experts, including Lee Schulz, economics, and is now available for download.

Small Farm Sustainability

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The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach program in Small Farm Sustainability exists to open the door to relationships and resources relevant to sustainability for Iowa’s smaller-scale, entrepreneurial farm enterprises. By sharing science-based information, providing program leadership, and facilitating collaboration, we will promote planning and profit potential in specialty ag ventures that tend to increase stewardship, diversity, and resilience on the Iowa farmscape.


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