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March 5, 2020

Check out the monthly 4-H Newsletter to see all the great things happening this month.

November 21, 2019

Check out all the information you need to learn all about the processes for running your club. Make sure you check out Mary's Youtube Videos to hear important updates.

November 20, 2019

Want to learn all about the appropriate use of the 4-H Name and Clover? Look no further.

November 19, 2019

Find out about what clubs are in Shelby County and learn how to enroll on 4-H online.

Shelby County 4-H Fair Prep Calendar

LIVESTOCK Information

     General Information

            Shelby County Quick Check Calendar

            Entering Animal Identification in 4-H Online 2.0

Market Beef exhibitor information

          Pen of 3 report form

          Bovine Papilloma Virus in Cattle (warts)

          Beef virtual workshop option worksheet

          Market Beef check-off sheet

          Market Beef Affidavit

     Breeding Beef exhibitor information

          Breeding and Dairy check-off sheet

          Beef virtual workshop option worksheet

     Bottle/bucket exhibitor information

          Bottle/bucket contract

          Bottle/bucket workbook

          Bottle/bucket check-off sheet

     Sheep/goat exhibitor information

         Sheep and Goat Check-off Sheet

         Sheep Video

         Goat Fact Sheet

          Meat Goat Drug Affidavit

          Sheep Drug Affidavit

     Swine exhibitor information

          Swine workshop worksheet

          Swine Affidavit

          Swine check-off sheet


         Rabbit Check-off Sheet

         Rabbit Workbook

     Poultry exhibitor information

          Poultry Check-off Sheet

     Dog exhibitor information

          Dog worksheet

          Dog Check-off Sheet

     Horse Exhibitor Information

          Horse Worksheet

          Horse Check-off Sheet

          Horse Lease

          Horse Affidavit

          Ranch Horse 

     Cat/small pet

          Cats and Small Pet Check-off Sheet


Record Book Information

     Guidelines and Tips

     Record Keeping Forms


Out of county 4-H activity scholarship request

Membership Agreement 2020-21

4-H Emblem Usage Guidelines

4-H Member Guide (not updated)

Statewide Resources

  • Join a 4-H club where you can learn about your interests while having fun, improving your communication skills, and serving your community. These are resources to make your club experience even better.

  • Your adventure in 4-H starts here. Choose from nearly 50 project areas and discover your skills, talents and interests.

  • Discover the world of animal science from breeding, nutrition and general care to food safety and management. Find statewide forms, trainings and activity sheets here.

  • Conference Logo

    Every June, almost 900 teenagers converge on the campus of Iowa State University for 3 days full of speakers, workshops, mixers, dances, a banquet, and community service activities. 

  • Youth and teens can discover opportunities to be recognized for personal growth, project learning, leadership and citizenship. 

  • Clover Kids is a FUN 4-H program for children in kindergarten through third grade. Children participate in hands-on activities designed to build many life skills!

  • 4-H Equation

    Addresses youths’ basic needs through the eight essential elements: caring adults, safe environments, inclusive settings, and opportunities for mastery, service, self-determination, planning for the future and engaged learning.

  • Provides financial resources to develop and deliver quality 4-H youth programs and opportunities throughout the state of Iowa.

  • Iowa 4-H Volunteers are motivated by positive purposes in helping youth become caring, competent, and contributing members of their family and communities. Discover the resources you need to be most effective.

  • Provides opportunities for youth to demonstrate, learn and apply project and communication skills. Every year the 4-H Exhibits Building features well over 3,000 exhibits and Livestock shows engage more than ## youth.

  • A partner and leader in providing positive youth development through out-of-school programming. Outreach priorities include curriculum development, staff training, and partnership development.

  • A unique partnership between AmeriCorps and Iowa's Promise. The vision is that all Iowa youth have safe and supportive families, schools and communities and that they are healthy, socially competent, successful in school and prepared for a productive adulthood.

  • When you just don't know who to talk to, Teenline can help.

    • 1-800-443-8336
    • 1-800-735-2942
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