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What is MyData?

  • A database that streamlines data collection and reporting across ISU Extension and Outreach making federal, state, university, and local reporting a more accurate reflection of our educational outcomes and impact.
  • Expands our ability to collect, aggregate, and report numerical and narrative data regarding program outcomes, partnerships, volunteers, and client relationships.
  • Depicts the ways clients interact with, and support ISU Extension and Outreach.
  • Provides real-time data regarding how ISU Extension and Outreach engages all Iowans to build a Strong Iowa. 

Why do we need MyData?

As an organization, ISU Extension and Outreach collects and uses data every day – as we count educational contacts from our programs, develop budgets, create reports, and more.  We report data in different ways to our clients, partners, and funders at the local, state, and federal levels. Not only do we report data in different ways, but we also use multiple reporting systems. This makes data retrieval and reporting programmatic reach extremely cumbersome when asked to identify program outcomes and impact, fulfill grant requirements, and/or partner with decision-makers.

New MyData User Training


MyData New User Training

How do I join?
Email Phil Heckman ( to receive an outlook invitation for your selected session.

Why do I need to have MyData training?
If you have been requested to receive a MyData user license, there are a few items to complete before you can begin your journey in MyData. All new MyData users are to complete a prerequisite course in Moodle to become eligible for a license (Here is the information you need). Once your Moodle course is complete, you are eligible to sign up for New User Training. At your New User Training session, you will be issued your license and from there we will walk through accessing MyData, along with navigating the system and entering data.

For more information on Getting Started in MyData, see here.

Who should attend?
New user trainings are designed for brand new users who have recently completed their Moodle course and are waiting for a MyData user license. While this training is directed at brand new users, others who may have already gone through their initial training and are looking for a refresher training are free to join in.

MyData Committee Members

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