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The Program Development and Evaluation Unit

The Program Development and Evaluation Service Unit's mission is to build a strong Iowa by actively engaging internal staff, faculty and county partners in quality program development and evaluation to ensure research-based programs are needs-driven, educational, and create impact.

Program Development and Evaluation Strategic Plan 2022-2025

How We Can Assist

The Program Development and Evaluation service unit provides support to all Iowa State University Extension and Outreach faculty, staff and county partners in:

  • Creating program development and evaluation plans
  • Selecting and/or developing appropriate evaluation methods and measurement tools
  • Supporting data analyses, interpretation, and reporting
  • Translating reporting mandates
  • Facilitating program development and evaluation training
  • Writing federal, state, county, and university outcome and impact reports
  • Updating ISU Extension and Outreach’s centralized data and reporting database (MyData) in support of user satisfaction and reporting efficiency
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