Organic Agriculture

The Neely-Kinyon Long-term Agroecological Research (LTAR) Site, Greenfield, IA. 

Mission Statement

To educate producers, consumers and policy makers in the research and extension activities in Organic Agriculture both on-farm and in the Universities. Organic Agriculture involves a production management system based on the ecological principles of nutrient cycling, biotic regulation of pests and biodiversity. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are replaced by sunlight-based inputs, such as plant and animal residues. Premium prices for certified organic products drive the immediate economic benefits of Organic Agriculture. Long-term benefits to human and environmental health are also derived through these practices. 

ISU operates an Organic Agriculture Program to provide research information and extension presentations for Iowa citizens through Field Days, workshops and an Annual Iowa Organic Conference every November in Iowa City. A 16-week course on "Organic Agriculture" is offered every other year. We encourage you to explore this website and send us your comments or questions.

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