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Iowa tax law includes two tax credits to help families with pre-school and school-aged children. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach family finance program specialists talk about the Iowa Tuition and Textbook Credit and the Early Childhood Development Credit.

By: Barb Wollan and Joyce Lash and Erin Fosselman

After attending the “Planning to Take Action against Opioids in Your Community” workshop in Ames on Sept. 12, community leaders from 30 Iowa counties are returning home equipped to reach various age groups with substance misuse prevention programming.

By: Barb Wollan and Joyce Lash and Linda Cline and Laura Beyenhof

Can your recordkeeping system survive a flood, fire or tornado? Losses from disasters often may include financial documents and other important papers. The “Getting Organized” workbook from ISU Extension and Outreach can help you record your personal and financial information in one place.

By: Joyce Lash and Laura Sternweis

Open enrollment for health insurance plans takes place during October, November and December. Smart Choice: Health Insurance Basics and Smart Choice: Health Insurance Actions are two ISU Extension and Outreach classes that make comparing policies and understanding coverage easier. The two classes are free and will be available online in November.

By: Joyce Lash and Laura Sternweis