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Master Gardener Program, Fall Training, 2023

Iowa Master Gardener Program FALL Hybrid Training will be September 5 through November10, 2023. Master Gardeners come from many different backgrounds, but have a few key things in common: They love gardening, they love learning, and they love contributing to their local communities. If you want to deepen your horticultural knowledge and serve your community, join us this year! To be awarded the coveted Master Gardener title, there are a few things you'll be asked to do:

  • Applications July 17 - August 18, 2023
  • Complete a 10-week online training through Canvas
  • Take a pre- and post-test at the beginning and end of training
  • Participate in 4 in-person sessions with your county
  • Volunteer 40-hours in your county by December 31, 2024

Ready to apply? This link and applications are only available July 17 through August 18, 2023. To get started go to: to apply. Applications close August 18, 2023.

Training timeline: Applications July 17 - August 18, September 15 - Pre-test due, On-line classes September 5 - November 10, November 18 - Post-test due. There will be 4 in-person training sessions, (Dates to be announced later) at the Mills County ISU Extension and Outreach office in Malvern, Iowa.

For more information go to: or contact Shirley D Miller at or call the Mills County Extension office (712)624-8616

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. For the full non discrimination statement, or accommodation inquires, go to:

Again:  Applications July 17 through August 18, 2023                                                             Classes September 5 through November 10, 2023


The Master Gardener Program trains garden enthusiasts to learn, grow, and teach others about plants and gardening in the home landscape. Participants receive 40 hours of training via webcasting, face-to-face, and hands-on workshops, while interacting with others of similar interests. After completing their training, Master Gardener Interns volunteer 40 hours of service in county approved projects related to gardening education to become active Master Gardeners. To maintain active status, Master Gardeners must attend at least 10 hours of county approved continuing education and volunteer at least 20 hours of service on county approved projects.

Mills County Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who provide research-based, home horticulture information and education to local communities through ISU Extension programs and projects.  Master Gardener program participants gain a broad knowledge base in 13 horticultural subject areas.  Since 2009, Mills County Master Gardeners contributed a combined 28890 hours of horticulture-related community service!

The Mills County Master Gardeners is a county-wide group of individuals who have completed the Iowa Master Gardener training offered through Iowa State University Extension and Mills County Extension. The group also includes several spouses of Master Gardeners, dubbed "Co-Horts" who provide additional and much appreciated service to the organization!

The group sponsors the "Spring into Spring" Garden Conference in March, with variety of topics, provides information at the Glenwood Farmer's Markets with a question/answer booth, sponsors horticulture awards at the Mills County Fair, assists with Mills County Extension horticulture programming, hosts an annual Mills County Garden Walk, provides scholarships to high school graduates from Mills County, offers grants for community beautification projects, and holds an annual plant/bake sale fundraiser.  For more information on the group, please contact the Mills County Extension Office at (712) 624-8616

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