County Fair

Mills County Fair - July 12-16, 2024

Fair Book & Schedule

2024 Mills County Fair Schedule

2024 4-H/FFA Fair Book

2024 Open Class Fair Book

2024 Clover Kids Fair Book


FairEntry will be open June 1-30. ALL 4-H and FFA static, clothing, communication, and animal exhibit entries must be entered through FairEntry by June 30 at 11:59 PM. 

Mills County FairEntry Site

FairEntry Help Sheet


All livestock exhibitors must take the annual YQCA training, either in-person or online. YQCA certificates must be submitted to the Extension Office by June 1. Certificates may be submitted electronically or in-person. 

YQCA website

YQCA Help Sheet

Code of Ethics

All exhibitors must submit a signed copy of the Code of Ethics to the Extension Office prior to their first exhibition. For most, this should be turned in prior to Static Judging Day. Member may not exhibit in any 4-H show until this has been turned in. 

Code of Ethics Form

  • February 1: All market beef must be ID'ed in 4-H Online by 11:59 PM
  • May 15: Animal ID deadline for all other animals - any 4-H animals not ID'ed in 4-H Online by this deadline will not be allowed to be shown at county or state fair
  • May 15: All 4-H and Clover Kid enrollments must be submitted in 4-H Online and enrollment fees must be paid by this date to show at the Mills County Fair
  • June 1: YQCA certificates must be submitted to the Extension Office
  • June 1: FairEntry opens
  • June 15: Animal ID deadline for meat rabbits and special market poultry
  • June 30: FairEntry closes
  • July 2: Pre-Fair Clean-Up
  • July 9: Clothing & Communication Contest
  • July 11: Static Judging Day
  • July 12-16: Mills County Fair

We're always looking for helpers at fair! Please visit the link below to sign up for volunteer opportunities such being a comment writer during Static Judging Day and being an Exhibit Building host!

Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Clothing & Communication Contest - Tuesday, July 9, 6:00 PM, Lakin Center

The Clothing & Communication Contest is a pre-fair event that judges the following exhibits:

  • Educational Presentation
  • Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Fashion Revue
  • Clothing Selection
  • $20 Challenge
  • Innovative Design

Share-the-Fun and Working Exhibit judging are done during the fair. Please see the fair schedule for specific dates and times. 

Educational Presentations

Educational Presentation Report Form 

Educational Presentation Evaluation Form

Copyright Guidelines

Extemporaneous Speaking

Extemporaneous Speaking Contest Rules

Extemporaneous Speaking Evaluation Form

Sample Questions


Share-the-Fun Stage Set-Up Form

STF Evaluation Form

Working Exhibits

Working Exhibit Report Form

Working Exhibit Evaluation Form

Copyright Guidelines


Clothing Event Report Form

Clothing Selection

Fashion Revue

$20 Challenge

Innovative Design

Mills County Fair Fashion Show


Static Judging Day - Thursday, July 11, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM, Lakin Center

Static Judging Day is for all exhibits in the following project areas: Animal Science; Agriculture & Natural Resources; Creative Arts; Family & Consumer Sciences; Personal Development; Science, Engineering, & Technology; Horticulture/Floriculture; Crops; Poster Communication. ALL exhibits are subject to copyright, so please be sure to read through information below regarding that topic!

Write-Up - A write up should accompany each static exhibit explaining the 4-H member's goals, how they made their exhibit, and what they learned. Write-ups may also include a breakdown of financials showing how much was spent on supplies. Some include photos of the progress as the exhibit is made. Some exhibits such as photography and the Thrifty Meal Challenge have specific forms that should be used along with your write-up. Those are attached below. 

Tips for Writing 4-H Exhibit Goals


Photography Exhibit Label

Rule of Thirds, Composition, & Mounting Photos

Food & Nutrition

Safe Frosting for Iowa 4-H Fairs - IMPORTANT! Please read before preparing any food with frosting for fair!

Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs - Quick Reference Guide (2024) - IMPORTANT! Please read before preparing any food exhibit!

Preserved Food 4-H Exhibit Label

Honey 4-H Exhibit Label

Thrifty Meal Challenge Worksheet

4-H Poster Communication Exhibits

Themes change annually. The 2024 Poster Communication Exhibit themes are:

  • 4-H is....(open to 4-H members interpretation)
  • Join 4-H
  • I <3 4-H (2023 National 4-H Week theme)
  • Explore the Jungle of Opportunities in 4-H (variation of 2024 Iowa 4-H Youth Conference theme)
  • 4-H Fever (variation of 2024 Iowa State Fair theme)

2024 4-H Poster Communication Exhibit Report Form

Helpful Information

Elements of Design in 4-H Exhibits

Copyright and Trademark in 4-H Exhibits

Pinterest to Original Source in 3 Easy Steps


Please see the fair schedule for specific show dates and times. 

General Livestock Exhibitors

Drug Affidavits 

Drug affidavits must be submitted upon the animal's arrival on the fairgrounds. Affidavits must be filled out for each exhibitor showing the following species. Forms may be turned in to Extension staff or the project area superintendent. 



Meat Goat




Mills County Fair Show Programs

Programs will become available at least one day prior to the show. Please contact the Extension office or your project superintendent with any questions or changes. 

Livestock Auction

Beef Show

Cat Show

Dog Show - Agility

Dog Show - Obedience/Showmanship

Goat Show

Horse Show

Pet Show

Poultry Show

Rabbit Show

Sheep Show

Swine Show