Join 4-H

The 4-H promise to youth and parents is: fun, friends, voice, choices, great trips, and events, a safe place to learn and try new things, leadership, citizenship, communication skills, service opportunities, adults who care, and hands-on learning experiences. 4-H allows youth to explore whatever interests them, with over 45 project areas ranging from aerospace to woodworking, pets to horses, photography to science and technology. 4-H is for youth of all ages. Clover Kids is for youth in grades K-3 and community 4-H clubs are for youth in grades 4-12.

Our enrollment period starts at the beginning of September.  Find our how you can get enrolled so you can participate int this outstanding program!  This page is your one stop shop on how to join 4-H!

Join a Marshall County 4-H or Clover Kid club

  • Select a club in your community or interest area. You can choose a club based on location, age, or special interest.  View a list of 4-H clubs in Marshall County.  If you are having trouble, or the information is not available from the club map, please contact Elizabeth Emley (, who will be happy to assist you.  It is important that you make contact with the club leader, as they will give you specific information about the club such as meeting locations, dates, times, club rules and exceptions.
  • Register with Iowa 4-H Online database.  The database tells club leader and the extension office who you are, where you live, and what your project interests are.  There is an annual program enrollment fee of $30 to enroll in 4-H.  In Marshall County, this fee is funded in part with assistance from Marshall County 4-H Foundation and the Marshall County Farm Bureau.  The fee to enroll is only $20 until November 1st.  
  • Enroll online
  • Learn about 4-H.   Make sure you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the 4-H program.  Look for project areas that interest you by checking in this 4-H Project Guide! You can also check out our calendar for more information about the events going on in Marshall County.