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Madison County Fair

This website provides links and helpsheets to everything 4-H and FFA families may need to sign up and prepare for the Madison County Fair. Be sure to review this website to find the most up-to-date information. As you have questions, please email, and we will do our best to provide answers as we have them. 

If you have questions about Fair Board and their events, please visit the Madison County Fair website or give them a call at 515-462-1295.
PO Box 542 Winterset, IA 50273





2023 County Fair Shirts

Livestock ID Requirements

YQCA Certification Instructional Video

4 Steps MCF

Future Fair Dates

7/19/-7/23, 2023

7/17-7/21, 2024

7/16-7/20, 2025

7/15-7/19, 2026

7/21-7/25, 2027

If you don't receive an email confirmation from, your entries are not complete!

4-H Program Year - September 2022 to August 2023 


September 1 - Enrollment opens in 4-H Online

September 11 - Record Book help session - 2:00 PM - Extension Office

September 19 - Record Books due to the Extension Office

September 27 - 4-H Find Out Night - 6:00 PM - Extension Office


October 2 to 8 - National 4-H Week

October 13 - Marvelous Marshmallows Clover Kids Workshop - 3:30 to 5:00 PM - Extension Office

October 21 - Plant & Paint Workshop - 2:00 to 4:00 PM - Extension Office


November 7 - Awards Banquet - 6:00 PM - Jackson Building

November 13 - YQCA - 7:15 PM - St. Charles Lions Hall

November 17 - Annual Volunteer Training - 6:00 PM - Extension Office

November 20 - New Officer Training - 2:00 PM - Extension Office

November 20 - YQCA - 3:45 PM - Extension Office



December 4 - Beef Weigh Ins - 1:00 to 4:00 PM - Winterset Sale Barn

December 13 - Gifts from the Heart Workshop - 3:30 to 5:00 PM - Extension Office


January - Plant the Moon Registration


February 1 - Market Beef ID Deadline in 4-H Online

February 1 - Counselors In Training Applications due

February 17 - Parents Night Out - 4 to 8 pm - Extension Office


March 13 - Interview Skills Workshop - 10 am to 1 pm - Extension Office

March 19 - Family Movie Night - 2 pm - The Iowa Theater (Sponsored by Youth Council)

March 25 - Swine Weigh Ins


April 13 - New Volunteer Training - 5:30 to 8:30 pm - Extension Office

April 15 - 4-H Enrollment Deadline for County Fair exhibitors

April 25 - YQCA Training - 6:00 PM - Macksburg

April 28 - Astronomy Workshop - 7:00 to 10:00 PM - Extension Office

April 29 - Sheep & Goat Weigh Ins at the Fairgrounds - 1 to 3 pm


May 1 - Broiler Order due to the Extension Office

May 15 - Livestock ID Deadline in 4-H Online

May 15 - Exhibitor t-shirt orders due: 2022 Madison County Fair Exhibitor Shirt Order (


June 1 - Poultry and Rabbit ID Deadline  in 4-H Online

June 15 - Fair Entry Deadline: Clothing, Communications, & all Livestock due in Fair Entry

June 15 - YQCA Deadline -


July 14 - All Static entries due in Fair Entry

July 15 - Clothing & Communications Judging Day

July 17 - Static Judging Day

July 19 - 23 - Madison County Fair


August - Iowa State Fair

Check out this document for new rules and policies for the 2023 Madison County Fair including a Fair Entry late fee policy. 

In order to be eligible to exhibit at the Madison County Fair, 4-Hers must accumulate a minimum of 6 educational "hours" and be enrolled in 4-H Online by April 15. Three of these hours must be 4-H club meetings while the other three can include a mix of club meetings, community service activities, and other educational opportunities. Check out this document for more information on eligibility. The Extension Office has final approval on whether 4-Hers are in "good standing" and are eligible to show at the Madison County Fair. 

Fair Schedules & Instructions

2023 schedules are not available at this time. Check back soon!


Check out this year's fair book on the fair website!


Mark Moore, Beef
Mitzi Berkland, Cats & Dogs
Phyllis Jones, Dairy Cattle
Leslie Mineart, Goat
Ginnie Decker, Horse
Valerie Knedler, Poultry
Heather Jamison, Rabbit
Allison Porter, Sheep
Ted Benshoof, Swine
Rebecca Hornback, Clothing
Becky Langholz, Communications
Janis Hochstetler, Static

Important Dates

July 14th - Fair Entry deadline for static exhibits

July 17th - Static Exhibit Judging Day @ Jackson Building

Static Exhibits

Static exhibits will be judged on July 17th, 2023. Categories include photography, STEM, food & nutrition, woodworking, horticulture, and so much more!

Location: Jackson Building on the Madison County Fairgrounds

Time: 9:00 am 


2023 schedules not available. Check back soon!

Forms & Write Ups

A write-up should accompany each static exhibit explaining how the 4-H'er made their exhibit and what they learned. Check out this write up guide for more information. 

Photography Exhibit Label (PDF) (Word)

Static Exhibit Goal Sheet (PDF) (Word)

Food Reference Guide

Helpful Links

Elements and Principles of Design

Copyright Guidelines

Foods for Fairs

Exhibit Tip Sheets

Project Areas

Project Area vs Static Exhibit?

$10 Meal Challenge

Poster Communication Worksheet

Evaluation Forms

Food & Nutrition Evaluation Form

General Evaluation Form

Photography Evaluation Form

Digital Photography Evaluation Form

4-H Evaluating Exhibits Handbook - For judges and staff

Age Groups

Age for exhibiting at the Madison County Fair: 

  • Clover Kids (Grades K-3rd)
  • Juniors (Grades 4th-6th)
  • Intermediate (Grades 7th-8th)
  • Seniors (Grades 9th-12th)

4-H'ers who have completed grades 5-12 are eligible to exhibit at the Iowa State Fair. 



10110 - Animal Science
10120 - Veterinary Science

Agriculture & Natural Resources

10210 - Crop Production & Plant Science
10220 - Conservation, Environment, & Sustainability
10222 - Entomology
10224 - Fish & Wildlife
10226 - Forestry
10230 - Horticulture & Plant Science
10230A - On-Site Garden
10235 - Home Grounds Improvement
10240 - Outdoor Adventures
10250 - Safety & Education in Shooting Sports
10260 - Other Agriculture & Natural Resources

Creative Arts

10310 - Music
10320 - Photography
10340 - Creative Photography
10345 - Photography Idea/Educational Display
10350 - Visual Arts: Original Display
10355 - Visual Arts: Design, Process, or Technique Exploration
10360 - Visual Arts: Other Visual Arts Ideas/Topics

Family & Consumer Science

10410 - Child Development
10420 - Clothing & Fashion: Constructed/Sewn Garments & Accessories
10422 - Clothing & Fashion: Purchased Garments & Accessories
10424 - Clothing & Fashion: Other Ideas/Educational Exhibits
10430 - Consumer Management
10440 - Food & Nutrition: Prepared Products
10442 - Food & Nutrition: Preserved Products
10445 - Food & Nutrition: Educational Display
10450 - Health
10460 - Home Improvement
10470 - Sewing & Needle Arts: Constructed Item
10472 - Sewing & Needle Arts: Other Ideas/Educational Exhibits
10480 - Other Family & Consumer Science

Special Exhibition $10 Meal Challenge

10490 - $10 Meal Challenge

Personal Development

10510 - Citizenship & Civic Engagement
10520 - Communication
10530 - 4-H Poster Communication Exhibit
10540 - Digital Storytelling
10550 - Leadership
10560 - Self-Determined

Science, Engineering, & Technology

10610 - Mechanics
10612 - Automotive
10613 - Automotive Display
10614 - Electric
10615 - Small Engine
10616 - Tractor
10617 - Tractor Display
10618 - Welding
10620 - Woodworking
10630 - Science, Engineering, & Technology
10632 - Aerospace
10634 - Robotics


Important Dates

June 15th - Fair entry deadline for clothing

July 15th - Clothing event judging day @ Jackson Building

Fashion Revue

Fashion revue is for clothing project area members who will model an outfit of one to three pieces that they have constructed, hand-knitted, machine-knitted, or crocheted during the current 4-H year. 

Fashion Revue Form

$15 Challenge

The $15 Challenge is for 4-H members to model an outfit purchased for $15 or less from resale venues such as garage sales, consignment, or thrift stores, etc., that represents an intended use for the selected outfit. The participant should have had individual or group experiences: choosing shopping alternatives; evaluating fit, quality, and construction features; and comparing prices. A receipt is required. 

$15 Challenge Form

Clothing Selection 

Clothing selection is for selected or purchased outfits that represent the 4-H member's goal or intended use based on individual or group experiences: choosing shopping alternatives; evaluating fit, quality, and construction features; and comparing prices. 

Clothing Selection Form



Contact the Madison County Extension Office with any questions!
515-462-1001 or

Need a form printed?
Paper copies of any fair forms are available at the Madison County Extension Office. Feel free to stop in and grab a copy to complete your exhibits. Goal sheets can be typed and printed or handwritten. 

Need help with Fair Entry?
Check out these help sheets

4-H Online vs Fair Entry

4-H Online vs Fair Entry

Step outside of your comfort zone, show off a talent, give a presentation, or teach other how to do or make something. 

Communications Event Form

Important Dates

June 15th - Fair Entry Deadline for communications

July 15th - Communications judging day @ Community Building

Education Presentations

This is an opportunity for 4-H'ers to demonstrate their communications skills by presenting knowledge, information, or a process to gain a desired response from an audience. This is in the format of a classroom presentation. 

Extemporaneous Speaking

Similar to Spontaneous Speaking in school speech teams, a 4-H member draws 3 current events related to 4-H 30 minutes prior to speaking time. They select one of the topics and prepares a 4-6 minute speech on one side of the topic. No previously written outlines or speeches may be used. It's good to be able to think on your feet for this event. Extemporaneous speaking is designed to encourage the development of the life skill of communicating with others by enhancing their ability to think, organize, speak, and answer questions readily before an audience. 

Working Exhibits

Working exhibits provide an opportunity for members to communicate and interact with an audience in an informal way. No set format needs to be used. This will be interactive for the audience to learn how to do something in a hands-on experiential way. A working exhibit should be a "teaching" or "showing" presentation. Examples include but aren't limited to: art, potato prints, cake decorating, dog grooming, puppet making, and more!

Share the Fun

This event runs similarly to a talent show and provides an opportunity for 4-H'ers to share their skills and talents before an audience purely for the sake of enjoyment. 


With fair approaching, don’t forget to provide Animal Care and Disclosure Statements for your livestock exhibitors!

Dog & Horse Policy

Dog & Horse Policy Updates

Premium Auction Information

Premium Auction Information

Weigh In Information

Surrounding County Sheep & Goat Weigh Ins

Who to Contact?

Who to Contact?

Livestock Check In Times

How can you help?

Want to donate to the 4-H Food Stand? 
Contact the Extension Office with inquiries

FFA Advisors

Winterset FFA - Kaylee Miller

I-35 FFA - Katie Klingensmith

Earlham FFA - Zach Irving

Van Meter FFA - Maura Ballagh