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Louisa County Fair July 19-23 2018

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County News

Muscatine Research Farm Sign
August 13, 2018

Soybean nematode cyst interaction with cover crops as well as Pepper & Muskmelon cultivar trials will be featured at Field Day!

Photo for Just A Bite Training
August 13, 2018

Learn the signs and symptoms of food allergies and common food allergens for children.  Practice reading labels to identify food allergens and altering menus to avoid food allergens.

Elevate Logo
August 6, 2018

A workshop for couples who are married or are getting married; for couples in new relationships and who have been together for years; for those living together and those entering into step family relationships.

Field Day Tour Stop
July 26, 2018
Farmers, farmer advisors and the general public are invited to attend the Iowa State University Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm’s fall field day on Sept. 6 beginning at 1:30 p.m.
Master Conservation Logo
July 26, 2018

The Muscatine and Louisa County Extension Councils have partnered together to present Master Conservationist in the Fall of 2019.  This is a program that has not been availalbe in Louisa County for several years!  A few slots are still available -- sign up now!

Featured "At Work for Iowa" article

Horticulture Meets Citizenship at Soldier Garden

4-H youth are learning about horticulture, history, farming practices and citizenship in the Soldier Garden at the Fort Museum in Fort Dodge. 4-H’ers have planted and are taking care of the garden with guidance from ISU Extension and Outreach Master Gardeners.

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