Community Development





Community and Economic Development (CED) specialists work with county Extension offices, community organizations, local governments, and others to offer programs in our areas of expertise:  

ISU Extension CED plays an important role in providing research-based information and resources to sustain communities into the future.  Our people and programs work with communities--aligning efforts to maximize diversity and inclusivity. 

Fiscal Condition Reports for Iowa's Cities and Counties

The Iowa Government Finance Initiative is Iowa State University’s outreach program designed for local governments in the state of Iowa. Its mission is to provide educational resources, technical assistance, and training regarding government finance to communities in Iowa.

You are able to access the City and County Fiscal Condition reports for all 941 cities and 99 counties in Iowa. The 2020 fiscal year reports have recently been released. Both reports include population data from the decennial Census, 2020. The financial data capture some of the early impacts of the economic slowdown on city and county finances, especially revenues.