Join 4-H

Want to join?  The steps are easy as 1...2...3!

  1. Contact Breana Houtz at (319) 835-5116 or to find out about the clubs in our county and to see which one would interest you!
  2. Contact the club leader of your choosing, find out when and where they meet, and stop by a meeting or two.
  3. Register through the 4-H Online Site.

Start your adventure in 4-H!

4-H County Council Responsibilities

Responsibilities as County Council members: 

  •  To be active in your club.
  •  To be a positive role model.
  •  To provide leadership at county events and activities.
  •  To help make 4-H fun for other members.
  •  To promote 4-H to others.
  •  To respect others.
  •  To get along with other council members and work together.
  •  To help younger 4-H’ers
  •  To be on time and do your job. 

Responsibilities to your local club:

  •  To attend and participate at club meetings and events.
  •  To be a good leader and fulfill responsibilities of being an officer or a member.
  •  To represent your club’s views when necessary.
  •  To help younger members and prepare them for leadership roles.
  •  To help club leaders.
  •  To help make 4-H fun for other members.
  •  To support your club.
  •  To be positive and not negative towards younger 4-H’ers.