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Interested in joining 4-H in Kossuth County?

Below are the steps to Join a 4-H Club. Take a look!

  1. Choose a Club! Kossuth County has many clubs to choose from. You can choose a club that is in your area or a club that your friends are in! Take a look at the map at the bottom of the page to find a club in your area. Look through the CLUB LISTING to see all of the clubs, their meeting location, and the leaders of the clubs.
  2. Next, contact the leader of the club of your choice! Ask them what things they do in their club, when and where their club meetings are.
  3. Attend a club meeting and learn more about 4-H or Clover Kids and that club!
  4. Enroll in 4-H! To enroll you must use our online enrollment system called 4honline.  Need assistance enrolling? Take a look at our Family Enrollment Help Sheet
  5. After you have enrolled, continue attending club meetings and fulfill club and county duties as a member of Kossuth County 4-H!