County Fair

  • May 15: 4-H Online Livestock ID Deadline
  • June 1: Fair Entry Opens
    • Required for all 4-H and FFA Members to exhibit.
  • July 1: YQCA Certifications Due
  • July 1: Fair Entry Deadline - Livestock, Clothing Event, Communications
  • July 15: Fair Entry Deadline - Static Exhibits
  • July 19: Static Judging Day
  • July 20 - 24: Johnson County Fair
  • July 25: Livestock Auction

Other Resources:

All entries must be submitted through FairEntry. Registration opens on June 1st. All animal, communications, and clothing entries must be submitted by July 1st. All static entries must be submitted by July 15th. These are hard deadlines.

4-H members should use the same login credentials as their 4-H Online account. DO NOT create a new profile. FFA members should create an account and then choose their chapter from the list. Clover Kids do not submit projects through FairEntry.

Guides and Help Sheets

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Livestock Exhibitors


Iowa 4-H Livestock Show Requirements, 4-H 202 
Animal ID Quick Reference Guide and Checklist 2024
Check-In Traffic Flow Map

May 15, 2024 DEADLINE - 4-H Online Animal Project Nominations
Fair Entry - June 1- July 1 
July 1 @ 11:59 PM: Animal Deadline
Clover Kid Animal Projects

Clover Kid Livestock Pre-Registration - For Clover Kids (K-3) to sign up in advance for the pet, sheep, and/or bucket bottle shows at the fair. Pre-registration is not required but encouraged so we can plan accordingly.  

Youth must be enrolled and approved Johnson County Clover Kids.
Sign-Up Here!

FFA Exhibitors
FFA Member Enrollment Form 2024

Note: These forms are for FFA exhibitors only - 4-H families ID using 4-H Online.

Market Beef   Sheep   Meat Goat   Swine  Breeding Beef ID Form 
Dairy and Dairy Goat ID Form  Dog ID Form   Horse ID Form  Rabbit ID Form  
Bucket Bottle   Pet   Poultry   


4HOnline Market Animal ID Entry Instructions

Bucket Bottle

Bucket Bottle Calf Project Packet 2024 (PDF Packet)
Bucket Bottle Calf Project Packet 2024 (Word)

Interview Sign-Up


General 2024 Dog Project Schedules
Parts of the Dog - Handout 
Showmanship Tips 
Dog Project Expectations 2024
Dog State Fair Classes and Requirements 2022
Click Below for detailed Handler's schedules:
              April - 2024 New Handler Classes
              May - 2024
              June - 2024
              July - 2024


Pet Judging Criteria 

4-H/FFA Pets 2024 (Word Document)

Clover Kid Pets 2024 (Word Document)


Poultry Production Class Order for County Fair 2024.
Deadline to order is Friday, January 12.

Exhibitor's Breed Poster

Supreme Showmanship

Supreme Showmanship Guide

Non-Livestock Exhibitors


REQUIRED: 4th-12th must complete a write-up for each exhibit.

  • General Exhibit Write-Up Form (Word) (PDF)
    • This sheet MUST BE USED for each static exhibit, with the exception of Photography, which uses a different form. Clothing/Sewing, Home Improvement, and Visual Arts exhibits require Design Element/Art Principle explanations, which can be added on a separate sheet or on the back of this sheet.
      • Tip: Include pictures in your write-up to demonstrate to the judge the steps you took to achieve your goals.
      • Site your source in your project write up Pinterest to Source in 3 Easy Steps

Tips on exhibiting in each department and/or class at the fair.

Other Resources

Judging Day Information

Static Judging Day Schedule
Static Judging Map

Educational Presentation Schedule 2024
Working Exhibit Schedule 2024

Awardrobe Event
Communications Events

Educational Presentations

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Open to youth in grades 9-12

Working Exhibits




Photography exhibits only need to have the photography exhibit form and do not require the general exhibit write-up form.

Visual Arts
Food and Nutrition

Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs - Quick Reference Guide

Questions about a food exhibit for the fair? call AnswerLine (1-800-262-3804) or email well in advance of the fair judging day. Tip: Include what you learned from AnswerLine staff in your Exhibit Write-Up form by including staff name, date of communication, and advice you learned.

Safe Frosting for Iowa 4-H Fairs

Thrifty Meal Challenge

The exhibit will be a poster (maximum size 20 inches x 30 inches) that includes:

  1. A copy of the Thrifty Meal Challenge Worksheet attached to the back of the poster.
  2. The menu, the outline of food items, and appropriate portion sizes for each food item.
  3. Meal type (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)
  4. Copy of grocery receipts (up to 2)
  5. Photos of the experience: grocery shopping, food preparation, and prepared meal.

For more information about the Thrifty Meal Challenge, go to:

4-H Poster Communications
Garden and Horticulture


Fair Recognitions & Results

Johnson County Fair Photos can be found on the 4-H Facebook page

2024 Recognition and Results

Results will be posted after judging concludes.

  • All Fair Results
  • Communication Results
  • Clothing Results
  • Static Projects
  • Animal Results
  • Fair Awards Program
2023 Recognition and Results