What is it?

Cybox ( is Iowa State University's implementation of's cloud storage.  If you've used Dropbox or Google Drive or other online file storage services to store and share files between different devices or different people then you're familiar with the principles of Cybox.

You can access Cybox at and login with your Net-ID and password.

Cybox Screenshot

Five Reasons to use Cybox

  1. All faculty, staff, and students at Iowa State University already have a Cybox account.
  2. With Cybox, you can securely share files and folders with other staff using their email address to locate them within Cybox.  
    You can give other staff the ability to edit, upload, or download, or review files in your Cybox account depending on the level of collaboration you need. You can also share files and folders by sending someone a link to the shared item.  For additional security, you can restrict the link's use to Iowa State users only or to specific users.
  3. You can sync files from your desktop or laptop to your Cybox and, like other cloud services, they can also be available on your smartphone, tablet, etc.
  4. There are Box apps for viewing and editing content directly, for editing and sharing files directly from Word or excel or Powerpoint, for accessing files from your smartphone or tablet.
  5. Each file uploaded to Cybox has a discussion associated with it so you can put a document in Box, share it, edit it, and discuss it.

Files stored in Cybox are secure, they're backed up, and older versions can be restored if necessary.

For work files, Cybox storage keeps your files secure and available.  For files you want to share and control who you share with, Cybox provides one useful option. Remember, though, that at the present time, Cybox accounts are tied to your Net-ID.  When you leave the university or Extension, your files are no longer accessible, including to anyone you shared them with.  Be sure to plan ahead.

File Types Ignored or Blocked by Box Sync and Box Drive

Box Sync and Box Drive will not sync temporary files or files that are invisible in Windows Explorer or Macintosh Finder. Please see the article "File Types Ignored or Blocked by Box Sync and Box Drive" for more information.