Content Editor Training Course

View the webinar here:

The self-guided Content Editor Training Courses are hosted on Moodle, an online learning management system.

For the Drupal 6 course, click on this link:

For the Drupal 7 course, click on this link:

For the Advanced course, click on this link:

Step 1: You will first be asked to login, please login with your Net-ID and password.

Moodle login screen


Step 2: Once you've logged in, you will be taken to the Welcome message and course instructional page associated with the link that you clicked on.

Welcome Message


Step 3: Click on the Lessons link located in the text or next to the graphic at the bottom to begin the lessons.  If you are a current content editor on the Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 course, you can click the Final Test links to bypass the lessons.

Step 4: You will be taken to the first lesson of the course.  There are "Previous" and "Next" buttons to move between the lessons.

Previous and Next Buttons

Each lesson page has a "Lesson Menu" and a "Contact" box on the left hand side.  

You can use the Lesson Menu to jump between different lessons on the course or keep track of where you are in the course.

Lesson Menu

If you have issues or questions related to the course, please use the contact information provided in the Contact box.

Contact Box

Step 5: When you've reached the end of the available lessons, you can click on the "Go to XXX Final Test" option to complete the quiz.

End of lesson reached

Step 6: Complete the Final Test by navigating through the questions, answering each one.

Test Questions

Step 7: On the last question, the "Next Page" button will be a "Finish attempt..." button.  Click the button to finish your quiz.  

IMPORTANT: Your quiz has not been submitted yet, you have to continue to the next step or the quiz will NOT be recorded.

Finish Attempt Button
Step 8: You will be taken to a Summary of your attempt.  Make sure all questions were answered. When you are ready to submit the quiz to be graded, scroll to the bottom and click the "Submit all and finish" button.  Preview Submission

Step 9: You will be asked to confirm the submission by a pop-up window.  Click the "Submit all and finish" button again. 

Your quiz has now been submitted for grading.

Confirmation of submission


Step 10: You will be taken to a screen with a summary of your results.  Your grade and the feedback line will tell you if you have successfully passed the quiz.  No answers or explanations of answers will be given on this page.  W

hen you have passed the test, you will receive an email with the correct answers and an explanation from the quiz that you took, this is to keep for your records, but not to be shared with those who have not yet taken the quiz.  If you have questions after receiving this email, please email for further clarification.

Results of Quiz


Once you have passed the Beginner/Intermediate Course (Drupal 6 or Drupal 7) you will be granted editing rights to the website that you have requested access for.  If you already have access to edit a website, no changes will be made and you will be free to continue editing.  You can go back to the course lessons or resources at any time during your role as a content editor to refresh.  

You may also continue your learning in the Advanced Course.  More lessons and information will be added to the Advanced Course in the make sure you keep checking back!