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Invest Wisely: 52 Steps to a Secure Future

This web site contains investor education materials prepared in 2007 and 2008 by an Iowa State University Extension team headed by Cindy Needles Fletcher and Pat Swanson, extension families specialists.

The materials include 26 news releases on a variety of investment topics. These releases were used as source material for 52 episodes of radio vignettes that followed a group of friends discussing investment topics. Also produced were 52 public service announcements promoting the vignettes.

Short descriptions of each episode and links to the news releases, audio files, and transcripts are provided on the pages listed below.

Episodes 1-8:

Goals | Saving vs. Investing | Compounding | Risks/Rewards

Episodes 9-16:

Risk | Diversification | Allocation | Dollar Cost Averaging

Episodes 17-24:

Stocks | DRIPs | Benchmarks | Bonds | Annuities

Episodes 25-32:

Mutual Funds | Index Funds | ETFs | Alternative Investments | Recordkeeping

Episodes 33-40:

Capital Gains and Losses | Retirement Plans | IRA Investing | Goals in Retirement

Episodes 41-48:

Saving for College | Investment Fraud | Financial Advisors

Episodes 49-52:

Investment Web Sites | How to Invest | Risk


Invest Wisely

Episodes 1-8
Episodes 9-16
Episodes 17-24
Episodes 25-32
Episodes 33-40
Episodes 41-48
Episodes 49-52

For More Information

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Iowa State Extension’s Invest Wisely project was funded by a grant from the Investor Protection Trust (IPT). The IPT is a nonprofit organization devoted to investor education. Since 1993 the IPT has worked with the States to provide the independent, objective investor education needed by all Americans to make informed investment decisions.