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Welcome to the interACT program for families with children in grades 3 through 6!

InterACT is a four-week program from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach for families that want to learn to take valued action in their lives. Please contact if your family is interested in our next session!

About the program:

This virtual workshop provides an opportunity for your family to learn tools to improve your family relationships and help your personal growth.

During the four-week program, your family will focus on:

  • living a life that follows your values,
  • setting goals to reach new heights,
  • learning new tools to connect with each other,
  • finding new ways to be in the present moment,
  • how to overcome difficult thoughts and feelings,
  • and much more!

Adults and children participate in the program in different ways.

Adults complete one self-paced session each week whenever they choose. They also attend one hour-long Zoom session each week to put what they've learned into practice and have discussions with peers. In order to participate, adults must be parents, custodial grandparents, foster parents, or other non-traditional caregivers with custody. Foster parents can earn credit for each hour of the program.

Children attend one hour-long Zoom session each week where they learn helpful life skills, connect with peers, and reflect on their personal values and behaviors. The Zoom sessions will have engaging videos, fun activities, and a chance to challenge kids to think on a deeper level about the control they can have over their actions and happiness. Children must be in 3rd - 6th grade to participate.

For questions or interest in participating in the program, please contact

Don't miss this exciting opportunity for your family!