ELEVATE: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

Do you want to enrich the quality of your relationships? Whether you are part of a couple preparing for marriage, in a blended family, or expecting a child, this workshop is for you. Together you will learn and practice seven skills essential to maintain a healthy and stable relationship.

Intended audience: Adult couples
Format: 8-hour workshop, can be delivered in multiple sessions


Based on the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model (NERMEM), ELEVATE focuses on seven core skills essential to maintaining healthy and stable relationships:

  • create a healthier physical living style and to nurture psychological wellbeing
  • identify choices that lay a strong foundation for their relationship
  • learn about themselves and each other and what they each bring to the relationship
  • create meaningful couple time that fosters friendship
  • show kindness, understanding, respect and caring for each other
  • regulate emotions, manage stress, and improve conflict management
  • identify personal and community resources to support their relationship

Elevate: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level was developed in collaboration with professionals at the University of Georgia and Auburn University.