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Iowa 4-H Youth Development is the premier youth development program of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Providing research-based education to K-12 youth, Iowa 4-H focuses on Healthy Living, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Leadership and Civic Engagement, and Communication and the Arts. Iowa 4-H builds upon more than a century of experience in positive youth development partnering with youth to help them find their passion. For more information, please visit the Iowa 4-H website.

4-H Alumni of Howard County

Our Mission and Goals

The was developed during the founding of the 4-H Alumni Group.  The group strives to reach the goals of the mission each year.  If you have ideas that the Task Force can build from in order to reach our mission, please contact the Extension Office.

Goals were defined as:

  • To increase Howard County 40H Endowment to a level that the interest created can help support and grow our county 4-H program as well as provide scholarships for young people.
  • To rekindle the 4-H spirit in 4-H Alumni to move local alums to volunteer their talents and time to the Howard County 4-H program.
  • To create an alumni pool of short-term volunteers form which we can recruit for long-term volunteers in years to come.
  • To provide opportunities for alumni to gather, fellowship, support and promote the benefits of being a 4-H member in Howard County.
    A group of alumni committee members.

Current Committee Members:

Sharla Fencl, Bart Wilson, Aaron Schatz, Melissa Schatz, Lowell Dohlman,Judy Bartels, Therma Fitzgerald, Marge Johnson, Karn Friedges, AJ Friedges, Jim Zajicek, and Rhonda Vobr.

        Newsletter and Membership Form

Each fall a newsletter is sent to our mailing list.  This newsletter includes the membership form for our alumni to use to pay their membership dues each year.  These dues are used to help us reach our mission.  Below is the link to the latest newsletter

December 2023 Alumni Newsletter 

Meeting Dates  - Next meeting April 2, 2024 at 7 p.m.


Alumni Minutes December 5, 2023

Alumni Minutes June 7, 2023

Alumni Minutes March 30, 2023


Scholarship Application -  Due March 15, 2023 - 

Each year the committee offers a minimum of one $500 scholarship for graduating 4-H seniors who are current members of the Howard County 4-H Program.  Completed applications must be postmarked to the Howard County Extension Office by March 15, 2022.   The scholarship awardees in 2022 need to submit their grade transcript and second semester class schedule by April 1, 2023 to receive the funds.