Training Modules

Grain modules brought to you by the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative. 

  Grain Storage - Quality Management​
Grain Storage Module Dryeration
Fan Performance
  Grain Storage - Economics
Grain Storage Modul Grain Drying Economics
Grain Storage Economics
  Food Safety - Mycotoxins in Grain and Feed
Mycotoxins Mycotoxin Development
Best Practices in Handling
  Food Safety - Grain Chain Analysis and Processing

Food Safety


Food Safety


Grain and Oilseed Basics
Corn Processing
Oilseed Processing
Wheat Processing
Grain and Oilseed Risk
Rendered Ingredients
Non-Grain By-Product Ingredients
Medicated Feed Additives and Other Regulated Ingredients
Production Animal Digestion and Nutrition
Production Animal Feed Formulation

  Food Safety - Animal Feed Sanitation and Preventive Maintenance
Quality Assurance and Safety Quality Assurance and Safety
Sanitation and Pest Management
  Food Safety - Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition



Beef Industry
Dairy Industry
Poultry Industry
Swine Industry