Industry Updates

Industrial Fermentation and Downstream Processing Workshop March 18-20
The Industrial Fermentation and Downstream Processing Workshop will provide participants with real-world industrial fermentation experiences ranging from scale-up to downstream processing.

Now taking applications to join the March 2020 Free Food/Feed Safety Collaboration
This collaboration helps companies write a food/feed safety plan in six workshops. Seating is limited, please apply promptly. Acceptance will be communicated.

Iowa State offers course on feed safety on Iowa State University Campus Jan 13-15
Iowa Grain Quality Initiative, Charles Hurburgh, December 9, 2019

A training course to become a Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance designated Preventive Controls Qualified Individual will be held in Ames, Iowa, Jan. 15-17. 

Blended Human Food PCQI Course Offerings Announced
Iowa State Extension and Outreach, January 30, 2019

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will host four one-day Blended Human Food PCQI courses during 2019. The courses are presented by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance. The course is the only PCQI class recognized by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Grain Operations: Managing stored grain long term Dirk Maier, December 5, 2018

Delayed harvest of corn and soybeans in 2018 across the midwestern U.S. are raising concerns about grain quality and how well this crop will store long term. With commercial grain facilities holding a large carryover from the big 2017 crop, some 2017 carry-over corn and much of the 2018 corn crop will end up in outdoor piles again.

Advanced Grain Elevator Operations Management Course Offered at Iowa State
Iowa Grain Quality Initiative, Dirk Maier, January 10, 2020

The Iowa Grain Quality Initiative and the Agribusiness Association of Iowa are partnering to host the second annual Grain Elevator Operations Management Course, Jan. 13-17, 2020, in Ames.