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New Food Talk Released

Food manufacturing is a complicated business with many challenges and a regulatory structure that has gone through many changes in recent years. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you could discuss your problems and seek guidance in the best practices of others?

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Spring, Summer & Harvest

ISU Grain Quality Lab Open & Ready for Your Grain

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Planning for harvest? We wanted to let everyone know that the ISU Grain Quality Lab is open and operating. Throughout the COVID-19 disruptions, the lab and its staff were able to adapt and serve our customers. We are here to help you analyze your grain and we are looking forward hearing from you about plans for the fall. 


Training Modules

Grain modules brought to you by the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative. 

Grain Storage - Quality Management​
Grain Storage Module   Dryeration
   Fan Performance

Grain Storage - Economics
Grain Storage ModulGrain Drying Economics
  Grain Storage Economics

Food Safety - Mycotoxins in Grain and Feed
  MycotoxinsMycotoxin Development
  Best Practices in Handling

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