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Christmas tree disease & insect presentation

Trees of Iowa

Iowa Christmas Tree Growers Association

MSU Christmas Tree Pest Manual

MSU Christmas Tree Nutrient Website

Iowa Beekeepers Association

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2016 Master Woodland Managers class info

Master Woodland Managers and Community Tree Stewards - Log your Volunteer Hours Here!

2016 MWM Class Outline with reading materials


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2019 Tri- state forestry conference has been postponed until 2020. Jay Hayek from Illinois will be heading up future tri-state conferences. Dr. Randall is now with Michigan State University and will assist at future events - see you all March 14th 2020.

Jesse Randall has taken a position at Michigan State University in the Dept of Forestry. ISU is in the process of hiring a new Extension forester but that can take up to a year and a half to get the right candidate. ISU has put into place a system so your forestry needs will be met, but we ask for your understanding during this time. Dr. Randall can be reached at 906 786 1575 if you need assistance.

Past Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference Talks Available Here (2009-2018)

Have Wildlife Questions?

if you want to speak to an expert on animal damage/nuisance wildlife please see the USDA APHIS site here

University of Nebraska has a Manual to Prevent and Control Wildlife
and a great online resource

ISU Wildlife Extension website can be found here

A Nebraska Wildlife Extension Specialist can be reached directly via phone at 402-472-8248

A Wisconsin Wildlife Extension Specialist can be reached directly via phone at 608-890-0445

ISU Extension Forester Jesse Randall joins Bill Winke and Midwest Whitetails on several forestry topics: Presribed Fire for Habitat Management on the farm in Iowa.

Apple Pruning to promote food plot production

Grafting Apple trees "Poor Mans Orchard"

Timber Burning to control Invasive plants and promote forage

Oak Tatters and Dicamba Damage on trees Mapping survey

March 10th 2018 Tri-State Forestry Conference Registration has Closed

Watch for the25th anniversary conference on March 9th 2019 schedule to be released in Fall 2018

Vendor and corporate Sponsorships will be available for the 2019 conference. contact Jesse by October 2018

New Windbreak Application

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Upcoming Spring Field Days

Spring Programs are taking shape. check back often for more details - follow the link to the program page.

Recent Presentations across Iowa

Treatment for Emerald Ash Borer

EAB has been found in: (The most recent map is here)

1.The Most Effective treatment window for EAB Adults and 1st instar larvae is April, May, first 2 weeks of June 2018.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON TREATMENTS in mid to late summer . Commerical treatements take 1-4 weeks to be effective and DIY treatments take 4-8 weeks so they will miss the peak adult emergence completely if administered after May 2018. For More treatment info see ISU's Publication PM2084

2. There are NO treatments on the market which are a one and done cure-all! You will need to treat every 1-3 years depending on product used. Injection treatments will do damage to the vascular structures in the tree so don't start before the infestation arrives in your town!

3. Be carefull of the random "knock on the door" and the pressure sales tactics. Reputable companies will not do this and in most cases, if you call a local company, they will try to dissuade you from treating your trees until EAB is found within 15 miles of your home!

4. Call your local extension office if you have any questions before you agree to any treatment (you can find the number by clicking on your county in the map at the bottom of this page.)

5. Do I have an ash tree in my yard (follow this link for a Tree ID site, Click here to go straight to the Ash tree page)

New Video Series Here (More Added weekly)

Fall Maple Conference - Nov 18. 2017
Presentations Available Here with Bonus Content!!!

Spring is Burn season In Iowa. ISU has a Prescribed Fire Video Series - Now Available

Planning a Burn (Video Here) --- Publication Here

Elements of a Burn Plan: Part 1 (Video Here) - Publication

Elements of a Burn Plan: Part 2 ( Video Here)

Personal Safety Gear (Video Here) - Publication Here

Tools and Equipment: Part 1 (Video Here) - Publication

Tools and Equipmnet: Part 2 (Video Here)

When to Burn (Video Here) - Publication Here

Smoke Management (Video Here) - Publication Here

Ignition Techniques (Video Here) - Publication Here

Report Feral Hog Sightings Here

More Info on Chronic Wasting Disease

(click for more info)

Tracking Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) in Iowa's White-tailed deer herd

If you observed dead deer in summer or fall of 2012 or observe dead deer during summer or fall of 2013 please report them at this link.

IDNR District Forester Map

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